Achieved It! – Pathfinder Part 2

After a lot of complaining, and an absurd amount of character death considering it was all open world content, I have finally managed to finish up Pathfinder Part 2.

I’m sure a lot of this would have been less annoying if I did the content when it was fresh, but of course, with Impressive Influence on, it also would have taken twice as long. My pre-8.2 gear didn’t do me any favors – each and every trash mob seemed to hit like a boss, and if I pulled an elite without the assistance of other random players in the area or my earth elemental, I was running back to my body.

In fact, just as this achievement popped, I was frantically running away from a herd of mechanospiders with just a sliver of health remaining. This was not an uncommon occurrence.

Note the lovely red tinge indicating I was very very close to a corpse run.

I still have 13 days remaning of my 30 day subscription, and I will likely go back and see if I can scrounge up some extra gold before my sub runs out.

For now, though, I’m not going to think about naga or mechagnomes for a couple of days.

Pathfinder Part Two – Halfway There

I acknowledge it probably would have been smarter to work on both reputations concurrently, but Nazjatar has been seriously painful, and once I’d get through a day’s work there, my desire to do anything else was completely evaporated.

I definitely skipped some dailies and world quests, though. There’s a few places on the map I still haven’t figured out how to get to, despite the game having decided that I explored the whole zone. In fact, there’s still a regular old questline I didn’t finish. I did also manage to do a couple of emissary quests, which are worth a ridiculous amount of rep, over the six days.

All in all, not to shabby, but I most definitely have no intention of returning to Nazjatar until I’ve unlocked flying. I expect Rustbolt will take a few more days, but I still anticipating being done about halfway through my month long subscription.

The Pathfinder Rep Grind – What a Day’s Progress Looks Like

If I’m being really honest, I’m having a harder time with the patch 8.2 content than I anticipated. Sure, I knew there’d be a gear gap if I tried to skip over Nazjatar and Mechagon entirely, but I didn’t expect it to feel quite so bad doing the next logical content step from where I left off. For the time being, I’m going to blame it on my severely underleveled Heart of Azeroth, because otherwise, it means I just forgot how to play, and I’m not quite ready to admit to that just yet.

Anyway, Impressive Influence is completely amazing for what I’m trying to get done, even if I spend way too much time lost and die a lot.

When I logged in on Tuesday, my Battle for Azeroth reps looked like this. Not even halfway through neutral with Waveblade Ankoan, and no Rustbolt Resistance to be seen.

But 24 hours later, it looked like this – very nearly Honored with Waveblade Ankoan, and I managed to start on Mechagon and get almost to Friendly without a single daily or world quest done.

Overall, I’m pleased with the rate at which I’m progressing (even if I did manage to complete an emissary in there so most days won’t look nearly that good). Completing this before the end of the buff is more than reasonable, and may even leave me with some time left over on my token to pursue something else. Now I just need to figure out what something else might be.

So Very Far Behind – Working on Patch 8.2 in World of Warcraft

I reactiaved my World of Warcraft subscription this morning, with the intent of just dabbling around with some world quests to finish off the first part of Pathfinder before having to go check out the new (to me) zones of Nazjatar and Mechagon. But instead, I was greeted by a pleasant surprise.

While it’s a bit taken off my plate to realize I was done with the early Battle for Azeroth reps, it meant there was no easing myself back into it. I went straight to Nazjatar, because even with double rep, this is going to be a lot to get done in a few weeks.

Notice the complete lack of Rustbolt Resistance on my reputation tab? That’s because I haven’t even been there yet!

I did open up Nazjatar trying to get geared up for an emergency anniversary mount run a few months ago, but here’s the thing. Even though questing in Nazjatar drops gear roughly equivalent to what I’m wearing, I’m feeling really out of my depth here. This morning, I mostly ran around picking up flight paths, doing the few world quests I stumbled into, and feeling very overwhelmed. I got a couple of dailies done, but I was starting to feel as if I was spending more time healing myself than anything else. Those mobs hit hard, and I’m still waiting for my muscle memory to get warmed up again.

Hopefully, it’ll come back to me sooner rather than later, and I won’t squander my token and a month’s worth of Impressive Influence chasing battle pets or conveniently forgetting to log in.

Always Running Late

For someone who is meticulous about being timely IRL, I still can procrastinate for the Olympics. I feel like this post has a sort of an Inception-style thing going on for it, because it’s a short story about waiting until the absolutely last minute, and also, it’s written and posted more than a week after I intended to.

Sorry about that, folks.

It seems like it’s been forever since the information about the 15th Anniversary event in WoW came out, and I was pretty sure I was going to reactivate my WoW sub in November to take advantage of it.

Then, I saw that the event was going to be a long one, running all the way through January 7th, so there was no rush. And rush I absolutely did not. Before I knew it, November had disappeared, and then it was December and I was stuck in bed sick for over a week, and then it was the holidays, and that token just never got spent.

At the beginning of January, I again claimed I was going to get my act together and go get that Deathwing mount. Finally, on Sunday, January 5th, a mere 48ish hours before the even was over, I reactiavted my account.

And after approximately 10 months off, I had to remember how to play (thank goodness for muscle memory), scrounge up 10 item levels, and actually get through all three LFR events. Easy peasy.

Having missed at least a couple of patches, making up that iLvl was far easier than I could have hoped. One random world quest for a trinket, and several quick upgrades while opening up Najatar (not to mention the hella boost to my necklace), and I hit 380.

All in all, it was easier than I anticipated all around. Monday evening, my husband and I started queuing up for the LFRs (I know, I know!!!) – Outlands was flawless, Northrend was … less flawless (stupid dance, stupid defile, stupid old person memory for mechanics), and we only had one wipe on Cho’Gall in the Cataclysm content. The whole shebang, including figuring out how the heck one gets to The Caverns of Time these days, took about two and a half hours.

So, let’s say that this mount took approximately 5 hours of effort, and about two months of procrastination.

As it stands now, I have not logged back into WoW since then – I still have 20 days remaining on my sub – and yet, I’m still thinking about going back for real for Shadowlands.

Sometimes, Procrastination Pays Off

I have had the itch to go back to World of Warcraft for a bit now, but I’ve been procrastinating on actually re-activating my sub. Sure, I could let you all in on some of my MMO neuroses by listing off a bunch of reasons, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there was one that was stronger than the rest.

See, when I re-upgraded to Windows 10 a couple of months ago, one of the things I forgot to back up was my World of Warcraft addons folder. I have always run a ridiculous amount of addons, and I had some deep dread about having to figure out my UI from scratch.

Well, a couple of weeks before the big upgrade, I thought that my harddrive was starting to go, so I had bought a replacement and cloned it. However, once I fiddled around with all the cords in there, all of the hard disk ridiculousness seemed to resolve itself, so I’m thinking it was a loose cord or something, and I promptly put the whole thing out of my mind.

Well, some oddball glitch caused my computer to boot from the wrong drive last night, and after a few very panicky moments trying to figure out what exactly had happened, I realized that this was a blessing in disguise. My addons folder was on the cloned drive, and I could simply copy it to the drive I am actually using!

After a little more fiddling, and safe removal and storage of the backup drive so that I could avoid any more odd rebooting shenanigans, I have all of my addons back, and updated, and well, I guess I’ll be dabbling in some World of Warcraft this weekend.