Nerd Girl Goals – May 2023

So, I’ve tried being kind and generous with myself, and you know what? It’s not working. I mean, it’s not like I don’t know that I feel more secure and accomplish more when I have a lot of structure rather than when I’m left to my own devices.

Although April definitely took me on some unexpected tangents, I am still not feeling great about where I’m at with all things nerdy, so it’s time to buckle down and see if I function better with more focused goals, or if it’s indeed time to reevaluate what activities I want to – and am willing to – prioritize.


World of Warcraft

On May 2, we’ll see the beginning of the second raid tier of Dragonflight, and while I would normally be completely jazzed, I’m instead cautiously interested. Patch 10.0.7 was a big flop for me – instead of being excited about the new content, I found myself unwilling to even keep plugging away at the old content. This past month saw me putting the least hours into World of Warcraft since I reactivated my subscription last fall.

I am looking forward to the new story content, so completing as much of that as time-gating will allow is on my to do list for this month. That said, I may be about ready to step away from MMO’s for a bit again, and how I feel about the new patch will definitely factor into that decision.

Community Game Along

This may be an oversimplification because we’re still outside of my gaming comfort zone, but #MetroidvaniaMay kind of feels like an extension of #PlatforMonth. I realize that metroidvanias are a mostly – but not entirely – a subset of platformers, but since I’m not overly familiar with what exactly makes a game a metroidvania, I’m trusting Steam tags and store page descriptions.

Although I may have lost my mind with these picks, I’ve chosen Owlboy (a flying metroidvania) and Song of the Deep (an underwater metroidvania), in hopes of not spending the month impaling myself on spikes when I inevitably miss a simple jump.

Other Gaming

As far as co-op gaming is concerned, I expect it’s going to continue to be Sun Haven throughout the entirety of May. We’re making solid storyline progress, but we have set the slider to 30 minute days, so we get through about an in-game week per play session. If we continue at this pace, we won’t be wrapping up our first year for several months.

I took last month off from this, but I want to get in the habit of writing about at least one game purchased the prior month, as well as continuing with the Blaugust Reviews Humble Choice project.

Other Nerdstuff


I am currently super far ahead of my annual reading goal, but I’m going to stick with the four book goal since I sometimes go through long periods where I don’t touch a book. I’d rather far overshoot my annual goal than miss it.


I’ve also found a renewed interest in the television, so I’m going to add back the new to me movie and new to me season, series or mini-series goal for May.


But the most exciting thing for me, is that stitching is back in rotation. After packing up the project I wasn’t enjoying, I’ve found a new vigor for making tiny x’s. I’ve pulled out a WIP that was supposed to be a birthday gift for last year, and am making excellent progress. That said, it’s still a pretty damn big project, with a lot of work still to do.

However, I also need a win, so I’m going to set what is only a moderately high goal of 5000 stitches done during May, which averages out to about 250 stitches a day, five days per week.

…I had considered doubling that, but this will allow me to maybe check off another handful of goals this month instead of just the one.


  • Make at least 8 blog posts during May.
  • Complete the 10.1 story content in World of Warcraft.
  • Play and write about at least one game for #MetroidvaniaMay.
  • Play and write about one title purchased in April 2023.
  • Participate in the group review of the May Humble Choice.
  • Spend at least 10 hours gaming on the Steam Deck in May.
  • Read / listen to at least four books.
  • Watch at least one new-to-me movie.
  • Watch at least one new-to-me series, mini-series or season.
  • Do 5000 stitches during the month of May.

One thought on “Nerd Girl Goals – May 2023

  1. All I can say is that what it really comes down to is what you want out of life. Focusing On you aspirations is really important. Finding a way to truly develop a career, a hobby, and an environment that also meets your nerdy criteria will bring out the light in your heart. As for me I nerd out over machines in manufacturing, and how they produce things. I am a major 3d Printing nerd. So I suggest focusing on a simple job that brings you closer to an environment that supports your actual aspirations. You will eventually get to a pint to where you’re slighty content with where you’re at because at that point you’re feeding your main drives on the addition of making income through them. P.S I am changing the whole layout of my website so it’s currently down. (Cute Post btw)


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