Self-Reflection Sunday – Here, But Struggling

With just under a week left of March, I’ve only managed to make three posts this month, and I guess it makes sense. February was a harder – and shorter – month, and it was outrageously backloaded as far as posts were concerned, but I was still deep in distraction-mode. Now, the edges are feeling smoother, but I haven’t quite figured out how to best fit together all the pieces of my changed life.

It would seem that I’ve done the smart thing, and prioritized rest, which is important, but it’s come at the expense of joy and personal fulfillment. Just the past week or so, I’ve started to claw back a little energy for myself. So far, that’s taken shape in the form of more time spent reading, which is a vast improvement from earlier in the month, when all my low-energy time was just squandered away while I was resenting my own exhaustion.

I expect it’ll take at least another month or so before I start to feel like I’ve got a handle on what is – and is no longer – feasible.

I’m not entirely sure that this post even serves a purpose beyond saying “Yes, I am still here. Yes, this still matters.” Because I’d like to find a cadence that works, but I’m still not sure what exactly that is going to look like.

3 thoughts on “Self-Reflection Sunday – Here, But Struggling

  1. Ironically, perhaps, I enjoy reading these reflective, personal posts of yours. I find them far from purposeless. Just keep doing what you need to do at the pace you need to do it. Hopefully Spring will lighten all our spirits soon.

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