Nerd Girl Goals – February 2023

I have been aimless more often than I like to be over the past month, and because of that, I’m putting a goal right into my intro paragraph for this month. I would like to resume using a content planning calendar, because I do better with schedules, even if they’re not as rigid as they could be. I am not entirely sure where January went, but I’m guessing the fact that I never knew what day it was a big part of the reason time felt even more floaty and unstable than usual.


World of Warcraft

I still haven’t quite figured out my optimal cadence with World of Warcraft right now. I’m still interested in doing a bit more than just raid logging, but I’m finding my interest in actually playing is not quite matching my ambitions. I’m finding most weeks I’m doing what I want to get done on my main most every week, but I’m not nearly as consistent with my max level alts, and I’m doing very little with my sub-70s still. I’m not sure yet if this is a sign of an impending period of being unsubbed, or just a natural reaction to the “less required content” vibe of Dragonflight.

Given all that, I’m going to make my World of Warcraft goals nigh unmissable for February. I’d like to get one more character to max level, and that should be easy with my hunter about a level from cap. I’d also like to max out renown with at least one faction on my main, probably one of the two that stops at 25 rather than 30. I’d also like to make at least one World of Warcraft related post.

Community Game-Along 2023

#DatingSiMonth seems like the perfect time to dive into something I picked up in one of the (too many) bundles. Although visual novels aren’t necessarily my go-to games, I picked out Changeling to play through during February.

But because I also like to have options, I’m going to either dive back into My Time at Portia or start up Potion Permit. While not strictly dating sims, both have romanceable characters, so I think those fit into the spirit of the theme.

No matter which way I end up going, I want to make one post for #DatingSiMonth.

Other Gaming

The latest iteration of Steam Next Fest is right around the corner. It’s usually not a struggle for me to find half a dozen demos I’d like to try out, so I’m going to set my goal for this one as at least one NextFest post. Sometimes, there’s oodles of stuff, and I do more than that, but I’d rather get out one post with games I was excited to play, than drag myself through a bunch of demos I don’t care about.

I’m also bringing forward a couple of things that have been working well for me – namely participating in the group Humble Choice review and playing and writing about a title purchased during the prior month.



While I’m glad I’ve gotten back into reading and not just listening, I do wish I were able to be a little less “all or nothing” between formats. In an attempt to nudge myself in this direction, I’m going to set my goals at read any four books and listen to at least one audiobook.


Here again, I’m pretty pleased with where I’m putting my focus, so I’m going to repeat my January goal of watching one new-to-me movie and one new-to-me series / mini-series / season this month.

Stitchcraft Etc.

For the first time in ages, I find myself wanting to diversify my crafting time. While that’s not been fantastic for my stitch count, I’ve been glad to have things to work on that require a little bit less intense focus, and that I can do away from my desk. However, I also know that I can be extremely fickle with these things, so while I’d like to include them, I don’t want to invest too much. I think that finishing a non-cross-stitch project would be a reasonable goal this month, as well as another 2,500 stitches on any cross-stitch project in progress.

I also intend to re-organize my craft cabinet this month so that I can more easily find the things I’m looking for (and so that I have room for the craft supplies I don’t need but keep buying anyway).

(Image is of the diamond painting kit I started working on recently – it’s a fairly small one, and although these never look quite as good as the artwork they’re made from, they’re usually cheap enough that I don’t care as much about the final product as I do about the process of it.)


  • Start using my content planning calendar again.
  • Make at least 10 blog posts in February.
  • Get at least one more character to level 70 in World of Warcraft.
  • Max out at least one faction of renown on one character in World of Warcraft.
  • Make at least one post related to World of Warcraft.
  • Make at least one post for #DatingSiMonth
  • Make at least one post for Steam NextFest.
  • Play and write about one title purchased in Janaury 2023.
  • Participate in the group review of the February Humble Choice.
  • Read / listen to at least four books.
  • Listen to at least one audiobook.
  • Watch at least one new-to-me movie.
  • Watch at least one new-to-me series, mini-series or season.
  • Do at least 2,500 stitches on a cross-stitch project in progress.
  • Finish any non-cross-stitch project in progress.
  • Re-organize my craft cabinet.

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