Self-Reflection Sunday – Begin at the Beginning

It seems to me that I’ve read more than once that blog posts made on Sundays tend to get far less interaction than ones that are posted any other day of the week. I think that might actual be part of the reason I decided to schedule this maybe-semi-regular series for Sunday. You see, I’m not entirely sure it belongs here. I’m not entirely sure it belongs anywhere.

I’ve always said that I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, and I don’t, at least not in the strictest sense. I will admit, however, that there’s merit in the concept; there’s something about the surreal nature of the winter holiday season that leaves me craving a major life-tidy just about as soon as they’ve passed. I usually end up channeling a non-insignificant amount of energy into changing something about my behavior or environment that’s been bugging me during the first few months of a new year.

However, 2022 was a particularly difficult year for me personally, and I’m finding the dissatisfaction I’m feeling with the … well, with pretty much everything, actually … is quite strong. It’s left me feeling a more than a little scattered. As someone who best organizes her thoughts through list-making and note-taking, I think maybe this is a reasonable natural progression. Sure, it’s a bit out of my general scope, but I suspect it’ll connect up in some ways as I write my way through.

This isn’t going to be weekly, but every now and then, I will use this space to talk a little bit about something I’m working on in my life. Whether that be about struggles with health issues (both mental and physical), problems with organizational tasks, or figuring out where to cultivate more joy, whatever is on my mind I’m going to try to put down on the page – um, screen.

Outside of Blaugust, I rarely post anything on Sundays, so if you’re here solely for the general nerdery, you won’t be missing anything but some random ramblings by skipping out on these. I’m not 100% sure where I want to go with this series just yet, but I do know that the only way to find out is to begin and the beginning.

And so here we are.

One thought on “Self-Reflection Sunday – Begin at the Beginning

  1. I think it’s great to post some mindful, self-reflective blog posts within the same home as other, more video game focused content. Mindfulness is a topic that the gaming community, the whole world really, could stand to learn more about.


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