In Review – December 2022

  • Make at least 10 blog posts in December.
  • Do at least one Quick Look of a game purchased during November.
  • Participate in the group review of the December Humble Choice.
  • Get at least three characters to level 70 in World of Warcraft.
  • Reach 100 points in at least one primary profession in World of Warcraft.
  • Progress in My Time At Portia at least as far as Somber Marsh in the main story.
  • Complete the fourth main dungeon in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos during co-op nights.
  • Complete my 2022 GoodReads challenge of reading 48 books for the year.
  • Progress to at least 66% completion in my current cross-stitch project.
  • Research and consider buying a table top scroll frame for cross-stitch.
  • Run the December 2022 Game Giveaway event.

This may not have been my best month for crossing off line items, but most of it felt pretty good, and that’s way more important. I tend to get myself all knotted up in task completion and scheduling and I forget to just go where my joy takes me sometimes. This month, I knew I had overscheduled myself, and it’s a lot easier looking at missed goals when you know you made far too many to start with.


December contained far fewer games than most months in 2022, but significantly more than my average hours. While most of that can be traced to the new Dragonflight expansion in World of Warcraft, I also managed to get way too caught up in Against the Storm, which was one of my impulse purchases during the Winter Sale season.

Most of the remaining titles I played this month were played with friends (mostly on co-op game night), leaving only TOEM and Viscera Cleanup Detail for solo play. This was definitely less variety than I would have in a normal month, even going back to before the #JustOnePercent project, but sometimes you’ve got to go for quality over quantity.

World of Warcraft

I did manage to hit my goal of getting three characters leveled, and each of them has a different primary gathering profession that I’ve also maxed out. However, I’m finding that the profession rework has necessitated a change in the way I view my crafting professions. Typically, in a new expansion, one of the first things I do after reaching max level is to grind out my professions so that they too are capped.

Dragonflight seems like it actively discourages this, and if you take a good look at what’s offered by profession trainers, you can see that the writing is on the wall right from the start. Most profession trainers have nothing new to teach you after you reach the halfway point. Everything after that is either random drops, purchasable from the different factions at higher reputation levels, or unlocked via the profession skill tree. However, unlocking these recipes is only half the battle – most of them require end-game, soulbound materials, so you won’t be crafting anything in bulk. Initially, I wasn’t a big fan of this part of the re-work, but I’m slowly coming around.

The initial gearing-up period also hasn’t been too awful for me; I’ve been well past my guild’s minimum raid requirements for quite awhile now, and we have a few more days before our first foray into the Vault of the Incarnates. I’m still a little grumpy about the reduced number of available world quests each week, but I’m starting to fall into a reasonable rhythm of working on my main in a few short bursts throughout the week, and devoting the rest of my World of Warcraft time to my army of alts.

Gaming Related Spending

I know a lot of folks tend to curb their spending right before the winter holidays, and I can tell you right now I had the complete and utter opposite experience. I’ve been banking some extra fun money almost every month all year long, and I went spend-happy this month. In fact, I’m not even going to attempt the collage of what I bought this month – it’s beyond unwieldy. I managed to rack up an absolutely outrageous $232 in gaming-related spending this month.

I can’t even blame that on a single huge purchase, but quite a bit of it is accounted for by three things. First, I bought myself a fancy new mouse; there wasn’t anything wrong with my old one, I just wanted a few more side buttons without giving in and getting a full 12-panel of thumb buttons. Secondly, I picked up the Jingle Jam bundle again this year, which seems to keep getting just a little more expensive every year, but hasn’t even come close yet to not being worth the money.

Lastly, I spent just about every penny of my $100 winter sale budget, although a few of the titles I grabbed from other storefronts as they were slightly cheaper there than on Steam. All in all, I managed to grab 12 titles (including one gift), and one of those I’ve already played for over 50 hours. Even if I never touch anything else I bought, I’ve already more than gotten my money’s worth!



This year’s reading goal was perfectly and precisely met, although I didn’t do a whole lot of reading in December. I did, however, decided to finish the year out with a perfectly spooky winter re-read (Ghost Story) that I’ve wanted to dive into for awhile. It’d been quite a few years at this point, and I was surprised at how much of the story I didn’t remember.


December wasn’t all that great for me on the watching front; in fact, outside of Monday night movies on Discord, I hardly watched anything this month. I did get a bit into season 2 of Gotham and then I just never got back to it. Despite deciding to set a goal going forward of watching more things that are new to me, I noticed a couple nights ago that the Roku channel has all four seasons of Sanctuary, so of course, I had to start that even though I know it’s highly unlikely I’ll make it to the end.


Most of the month, I didn’t even go near my craft desk. I did, however, do my research and found a scroll frame on Etsy that was everything I wanted, including on sale.

Bear Creek Ltd is an Etsy shop based in Austin, TX, and is the only place I found that made non-floor scroll frames that could accommodate projects more than 24″ wide. Unsurprisingly, the thing is huge, but it’s well made, and I can see myself getting years of use out of it.

However, it only arrived a few days ago, and I’m still deep in the adjustment period. I had to rearrange quite a bit of my crafting space to make room, but so far, I like it a whole lot.

It is, however, A Project to set up initially, so when I do smaller projects, I’m unlikely to use it. This is probably more of a pro than a con, though, as it should help prevent me from project hopping so that I’ll actually, maybe, get something finished.

Overall, I’m pretty ok with where December took me. I had no real expectations of being overly focused, but I think I’ve got a better handle on what I want the shape of my leisure to look like going forward, and I’ve made some good first steps in getting there.

3 thoughts on “In Review – December 2022

  1. Oh man, we loved Sanctuary, but I’d forgotten all about it. I mean I can’t say it was a “great” show but it sure was a fun one!


  2. This is certainly the first post I’ve ever come across, where the author/OP breaks down their monthly video gaming into a pie chart; that’s amazing. Do you game on Steam, which tracks your gaming automatically? Or do you physically keep track of your gaming hours?


    1. I game mostly on my PC, and I use a program called ManicTime to track how much time I spend with each program as my active window. Then I take those numbers and put them in a GoogleSheet which generates the chart. I add anything I play on the SteamDeck using Steam’s tracking.

      It’s never going to be perfectly accurate, but I feel like it’s close enough to give a fair representation of how I’m spending my time.


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