In Review – November 2022

  • At least 8 posts for the #JustOnePercent project.
  • At least 4 posts unrelated to the #JustOnePercent project.
  • Finish leveling at least 2 more characters in World of Warcraft.
  • Complete the Mountacular achievement in World of Warcraft.
  • Complete the Re-Re-Re-Renowned achievement in World of Warcraft.
  • Participate in the group review of the November Humble Choice.
  • Read any six books.
  • Complete any one stitching project.
  • Watch at least a few episodes of Channel Zero on AMC+.
  • Cancel AMC+ before it goes back to full price.
  • Schedule four Monday Night Movie watch parties.
  • Schedule at least two game nights.

Another month that actually looks better in the rearview than it felt at the time. It sometimes feels like every time I get something back on the track I want it to be on, something else derails. I have been putting a high premium on settling my sleep schedule to something that works better for me on the regular, which ended up leading to dropped routines in other places (post-midnight Wordle, I was sad to see you go). More time spent playing video games led to less time at my craft desk. Trying to figure out new social media sites led to less time spent on the blog. Everything’s a balancing act, and I’m forever trying to pile far too much on the scale.

Also, I should have shot for that level 70 goal in World of Warcraft. I made it, with a couple of hours to spare.



The eight games I covered in November were Hammerting, Next Space Rebels, Factory Town, Toy Tinker Simulator, French Crime, Huntress: The Cursed Village, Wytchwood, and Aspire: Ina’s Tale. I didn’t end up playing any of these on the Steam Deck, but every single one was played for at least an hour and is represented on the spreadsheet.

I went into the month pretty sure that I was going to end up dropping games, and I think that almost felt like explicit permission to do so. I ended up getting behind and missing the anniversary for Exodus Borealis, and I bounced off Tunnel of Doom, Fantasy Gardens, and He Will Shoot within a matter of minutes. Finally, I decided to swap out Archvale for Aspire: Ina’s Tale so I could cover one more game from my library rather than GamePass.

I ended up making 105 project posts, which once added to the 12 qualifying titles I wrote about before starting the project, that means I played 117 out of 10,967 games released in 2021. I had decided up front to only count games that fully released during the year, but I have no idea how to even begin to calculate how many titles were first made available for sale versus how many were full release titles. Without the dozen prior posts, I wouldn’t quite have covered 1%, but I feel like I met the spirit of the project.

World of Warcraft

Dragonflight prep took up a lot of time this month, but not nearly as much as I expect that Dragonflight proper will in the coming month. I had hoped to level a couple more characters, but between the pre-expansion event, and the adjusted experience gains that came with the second half of the pre-patch, I managed to finish all the remaining classes on my main server. I did however, take a small shortcut; I had a level 50 boost just hanging out on my account, and I decided to use that on my rogue, cutting out 40 levels worth of time.

So, for the first time ever, after having set it as a goal multiple times now, I am going into an expansion with every class at max level! Which kind of took a bit of the shine off of my other goals, but I met those tasks as well.

Mountacular ended up being even easier than I anticipated, and I got it while working on cleaning out my quest log by finally doing the scenarios to unlock the Dark Iron Dwarves and Lightforged Draenei. I had completely forgotten that finishing those questlines rewarded racial mounts.

Re-Re-Re-Renowned took considerably longer. I eventually decided that I’d finish grinding renown on my original four level 60 characters. I picked up the consumable item that would boost them each to level 60, and did most of the rest through daily callings and questing through the Zerith Mortis story. I finished Necrolords in the earlier part of the month, but managed to put off doing anything with Night Fae until just about the very last minute.

Although there’s still some things I wish I had gotten around to, I was overall pleased with the progress I made in finishing up Shadowlands achievements. It’ll most likely be almost entirely Dragonflight for at least the first month or so, but we’ll see if I end up popping back into some older content.

Other Gaming

The biggest chunk of my non World of Warcraft game time this month went into my third attempt of My Time At Portia. I’m about 40 hours into a fresh save, and I’ve only recently passed the point where I usually wander off from the game. Will this be the time I finish it? Only time will tell. It has been several days since I’ve checked in on my builder, but I do expect I’ll get back to it, maybe even as soon as this weekend.

All of my co-op game nights in November were devoted to working our way through Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos. It’s definitely a game that I would have found supremely frustrating had I played it alone – there are weird spikes in difficulty due to the oh-so-very grindy nature of it, and there have been several times I would have been at a loss for how to proceed that my co-op partner would declare was “very Zelda-esque”.

I don’t love it, but I am enjoying it, which is pretty successful for co-op stuff.

We had a SMITE night in the clubhouse, so I got to shake the rust off a little bit, and I played my first ever game of Settlers of Catan via Tabletop Simulator. I played around a little bit in RoboQuest, so I could do a short write up for UnwiseOwl’s group review of the November Humble Choice. Past that, I hardly even loaded anything up.

Gaming Related Spending

However, I clearly wasn’t deterred in the least this month from spending money on gaming! I had all my regular subscriptions (GamePass, World of Warcraft, and Humble Choice) this month, but I also did a lot of other shopping.

This collage covers most of my November gaming spending. It didn’t matter this month if it was a bundle, sale, or even single release-day purchase – if I wanted it, I bought it! On the other hand, I spent very little on any of my other hobbies this month, so I still came in under my total entertainment budget.

I also purchased my very first race change in World of Warcraft this month. I never thought there’d be an occasion where I’d want to spend money to change a character rather than just level something else, but I never ever want to go hunting for all the pre-Legion inscription recipes in the game again. So, after years of frustration with my very very short Death Knight, I decided to make her tall, in hopes that I will play her more if I can figure out where she is on the screen, which is generally full of very large monster ankle. I debated between Kul Tiran, human, or worgen for a couple of days, ultimately settling on worgen. I haven’t done much with her since then – she was already fairly well settled for Dragonflight, so it’ll be a little while yet until I see if my investment pays off.

My total gaming-related spending this month came in at a whopping $157 – and that doesn’t even include the expansion, which is part of my Christmas/birthday gift from my husband for this year.



Going back to reading on my tablet before bed made a world of difference this month. In fact, out of nine books, only one was an audiobook this month. I have basically been picking things almost at random from my Scribd recommendations; as far as I can recall, I haven’t read a single book from any of these authors prior to this month. It’s been mostly working out for me, although a few I would consider to be just alright, there wasn’t anything here that tempted me to leave it unfinished and choose something else.


Other than Monday night movies at the Clubhouse, and sporadic background cooking shows, I didn’t spend a lot of time watching this month. I did get through all six episodes of the first season of Channel Zero before my AMC+ subscription ran out, and I might put the other seasons on my Halloween watch list for next year.

I’ve also recently started re-watching Gotham from the beginning. I love the first season, I’ve probably seen it four times now. However, I find I quickly lose interest a few episodes into Season 2. I’m not super invested, but it’ll be interesting to see if this is the time it sticks.


I really need to start taking a better look at patterns before I get all the supplies for them, or – better yet – before I buy the pattern. The project I’m currently working on has 12 shades between white and the darkest gray it uses, and for the most part, it’s all single stitches here and there of each shade. It’s simply awful to work on, and super hard to follow the pattern. I have no doubt there’s at least 30 mistakes in the pattern already, and I’m not quite 1/3 done with it.

I’ve been averaging anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 stitches most months, and in November, I only did a little over 3,000. I am so very very behind where I wanted to be, but there was almost always something more appealing I could have been doing, and I really struggled this month to get my butt into the chair, although when I did, I usually got through several hundred stitches.

So not only did nothing get finished this month, I was way behind my usual productivity.

This month really solidified for me that I just have too many hobbies. I have a ridiculous amount of free time compared to most adult humans, and I still can only manage to make headway with about half of the things I’m juggling at any given time, never mind the several other things I’d like to be doing or learning, but I just don’t have space for in my life currently. I don’t know how working adults with families – even healthy working adults with families – find the time and energy to do anything at all!

3 thoughts on “In Review – November 2022

  1. You’re like the only other person I know who is even aware of Gotham. I really enjoyed that series. I’m actually not much of a Batman fan, so maybe that says something about the show and why it struggled to find an audience?

    But we watched it all as it was airing. I should go back for a re-watch one of these days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I almost never watch things when they’re current – I vastly prefer hunkering down with a season (or entire series) at once.

      Have you watched any of Pennyworth? I’ve heard good things about that one too.

      Weird how most of the Batman universe ends up more interesting than Batman himself!


      1. I haven’t watched Pennyworth but I have heard good things about it. I think it is on a service that I’m not subscribed to (it’s so hard to keep track) and I was thinking I’d wait and then sign up to binge after it was done. I just haven’t done that yet.


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