Nerd Girl Goals – December 2022

With all that remains of the #JustOnePercent Project is the wrap-up post, I have a nearly empty content planning calendar for the first time since I implemented it. I had hoped for a giant cartoon lightbulb to magically appear and direct me at what comes next, but maybe this is best. Maybe December is a good month to kind of lie low a little bit.


World of Warcraft

Probably my favorite part of an MMO is right when there’s a new expansions. I mean sure, content patches can be lovely, but there’s something incomparable to the time when absolutely everything feels new. I walk a weird path in World of Warcraft, where I like to raid, but otherwise, I am an uber-casual when it comes to end game content. I do as few dungeons as possible, avoid Mythic+ like it might actually kill me, and I almost never do any PvP. Instead, I level alts, work on professions & collections, and old content. A lot of the time, for me, World of Warcraft is a single player game that just happens to have other people in it.

I expect a lot of the next few weeks to be taken up with leveling – both in terms of character XP, as well as doing whatever I need to do to increase my reputation, and really dive into the profession rework. Usually, I spend a week or so fully focused on my main character, and then I start poking at alts. Although I still have unfinished business in Shadowlands (and Battle for Azeroth, and Legion and…), I expect almost the entirety of December to be hyperfixated on the Dragon Isles.

I’d like to have a minimum of three characters at level 70 before the end of the month. More would be excellent, but December is also a month where things tend to come up and eat away at my free time, so I’d rather set the goal on the low side and not get burned out right out of the gate.

Since I mostly have managed to avoid spoilers, as a result, I also really don’t know how most of the systems in Dragonflight actually work, so I’m keeping my achievement goals to things that feel very achievable.

Other Gaming

I’m not sure how I want to set goals for gaming outside of WoW, either, because if I’m really enjoying the new expansion, it will absolutely eat up my all of my gaming time. On the other hand, I kind of want to celebrate being free of the shackles of games I am “supposed to” play by playing some of the stuff I’ve been neglecting over the past 10 months.

One thing I know I would like to do is spend more time this month working my way through the main story of My Time At Portia. I started playing on a whim about halfway through November, and for a few days, it was all I wanted to do when I sat down at the computer. Despite having made a couple of good starts in the past, I ended up wandering off around the same point in the game both times. Now, I’ve made significant progress past that point, and I really think I’d like to see if I can get through the entire story this time, even if I don’t stick around to grind out all the artifacts and such once I have.

I expect I’m slightly less than halfway through the main plot, but with a whole bunch of workshop upgrades already under my belt, it seems like the later quests actually progress more quickly than the early ones.

I don’t expect to put nearly as much time into it as I did last month, but I’d like to keep plugging along, so I’m going to set my goal as progressing to the Somber Marsh chapter of the main story.

I also expect that there is only another couple of play sessions left in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos before we’ve completed the main quest line. We just barely poked our head into the final biome, and there’s only one major dungeon left before the endgame. Now, I’m unsure how much content there is after that, and I also have no idea how much patience we’ll have once it becomes an epic post-game grind, but I think it’s reasonable to say we’ll finish the fourth main story dungeon in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos before the end of the month, even with holiday-related things potentially causing us to miss a night or two.

Finally, I’d like to do a Quick Look of one of the games I purchased during November, in an attempt to stop buying things and then instantly forgetting they exist, as well as continue to participate in UnwiseOwl’s group review of Humble Choice, provided he continues with it. All in all, I would like to make at least 10 blog posts in December, although I won’t necessarily restrict all of them to gaming topics.



I made an impressive about-face from the reading slump I had been in for months, and now, for the first time in awhile, I’m ahead of schedule to finish 48 books this year. Normally at this point, I’m hunting around for the shortest things I can find that I’d be okay with counting towards my goal, and this year, I’m expecting smooth sailing. In fact, I could be done now if I just finished three of the titles I have in progress! To keep it simple, I’d like to meet my 2022 GoodReads challenge of completing 48 books before the end of December.


I’ve recently realized that, even with the copious amounts of free time I have, if I want to make any significant progress in my hobbies, I need to focus on one or two at a time and stop trying to do it all.

I am starting to despair that I’m ever going to finish my works-in-progress, never mind finish them all in time for holiday gifts. In fact, I expect I’ll need a lot of discipline to get even one done in time. I have just under 10,000 stitches remaining for the project currently on my desk – which is about 30% done – and that would take at least 20 very dedicated stitching days to complete. Since that seems less than likely, I’ll set a more modest goal of 66% completion before the month’s end, which feels reasonable even if I work in smaller blocks of time.

I’d also like to do more research into a scroll frame, preferably one that is meant to be used table-top, because my taste in projects has been running on the larger side. I’m already not prioritizing portability in my projects, so a solution that would allow me to see more of my project at once might be motivating.

Other Nerdstuff

I’m not going to set anything in the way of specific goals for either watching or Discord this month, other than to run the December game giveaway. This one should be significantly shorter than the last two, as I’ve decided to skip anything that didn’t make it out of the last chance giveaways during the past two sessions. I will still probably keep scheduling Clubhouse events, including a couple of holiday movie watch parties, but I realize at lot of people are socially overwhelmed in December, and I don’t want to add much to that pressure.


  • Make at least 10 blog posts in December.
  • Do at least one Quick Look of a game purchased during November.
  • Participate in the group review of the December Humble Choice.
  • Get at least three characters to level 70 in World of Warcraft.
  • Reach 100 points in at least one primary profession in World of Warcraft.
  • Progress in My Time At Portia at least as far as Somber Marsh in the main story.
  • Complete the fourth main dungeon in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos during co-op nights.
  • Complete my 2022 GoodReads challenge of reading 48 books for the year.
  • Progress to at least 66% completion in my current cross-stitch project.
  • Research and consider buying a table top scroll frame for cross-stitch.
  • Run the December 2022 Game Giveaway event.

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