In Review – September 2022

  • Twelve posts for the #JustOnePercent Project
  • At least six posts unrelated to the #JustOnePercent Project.
  • Work up a list of pre-expansion goals for World of Warcraft.
  • Reactivate my World of Warcraft subscription.
  • Read / listen to any three books.
  • Pick up at least one core rulebook for a rule-light TTRPG system.
  • Finish up current stitching project.
  • Decide on my next two stitching projects and order supplies.
  • Figure out if there’s enough new-to-me stuff on Netflix to justify restarting my subscription.
  • Plan at least six Discord events, with at least one being a new type of event.

Until I sat down to do this, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to cross off a single line item for September. This was an absolute disaster of a month for me, full of health issues, a lot of stress in our household and with extended family. Our car finally hit the point where it was no longer safe to drive, and with everything else going on, we realized we really couldn’t afford to be without transportation for several months, so there was scrambling for a replacement car. All of this was on top of the last couple weeks of September and the first week or so of October being insanely busy for us anyway.

To top it all off, we took in a cat that had belonged to an elderly relative that passed away this month, and I would love to pay the pet tax and show you a photo, but she’s barely come out of hiding when anyone was around. She is eating, drinking, and using her litter box, so we’re trying to play it cool and let her adjust at her own pace, but we plan to continue efforts to integrate her into the household this month.

Instead, you get a photo of the new-to-us temporary car we’re planning to drive throughout the winter until we can get the new car we actually want ordered and it arrives. Guess we’re still on gas-powered for a few more months while we figure out the details. Still, we’re super grateful that a friend of ours was getting rid of their old car, and that it needed only minor work to be road-worthy.

September was a lot y’all, and I’m not at all sorry it’s over.


Data taken from ManicTime.


The nine games I covered in September were Milo and the Magpies, Tiny Robots Recharged, The Artful Escape, Kraken Academy, I Am Fish, Gas Station Simulator, Gamedec, Guild of Ascension, and If On A Winter’s Night Four Travelers. I played I Am Fish and Guild of Ascension for less than one hour, so they are absent from the chart above.

Continuing to be slightly ahead in the beginning of the month is probably the only reason I didn’t completely botch keeping up with project stuff this month. I spent the first four days of the month down with a stomach bug, but I thankfully had the first two project posts pre-scheduled. After that, posting started to get spotty, and a couple of times I really found myself scrambling. I never really got my rhythm back during the entire month, and I ended up dropping the last three titles completely (although one – Dandy Ace – shouldn’t have been included in the first place as I noted down the date it was released on Game Pass rather than the date it was released on Steam).

I did a complete play through of both Milo and the Magpies and If On A Winters Night Four Travelers. I had intended to also go back after I did the post and complete The Artful Escape but it was removed from Game Pass before I got a chance to go back to it.

The biggest surprise of the month was how much I enjoyed Gas Station Simulator, considering it was a title I wasn’t overly interested in. It’s significantly more frantic than most of the simulation titles I’ve played recently, and I think that really worked in its favor.

Non-Project Gaming

I played a lot of World of Warcraft in the beginning of the month in an attempt to get myself up to raid requirements when we had a shortage of people for our first raid in September, so it was no surprise to me that it took the top spot of the month. However, having Disney Dreamlight Valley following it closely was a bit unexpected. This was totally a game I installed to try out, intending to play just long enough to fight the FOMO and confirm I wasn’t into it. Apparently, I was into it; despite not being overly interested in the decorating and fashion aspects, I have been enjoying the quests, gathering and farming parts of the game. It’s very low-key, which has been perfect for the night’s I’ve been too worn out to do much thinking, but when I didn’t just want to watch TV.

I also spent more time than I had expected to when I re-started Shapez. I planned to play just enough to get some screenshots and see the changes for my post for the group Humble Choice review. Instead, I played for almost 20 hours – although at least some of that was idle time. I remembered really liking the game, but I had forgotten how satisfying the A-ha! moments in it can be.

The only times I’ve picked up my Steam Deck this month were to either play project games or install things I thought I wanted to play, but lost interest in actually playing before the install was even finished. Yep, the whole month was like that – I feel like I was either all in or all out, and I was mostly all out.

Gaming Related Spending

Although I had three subscriptions this month (Humble Choice, Game Pass, and World of Warcraft), September was only a moderately spendy month. I grabbed a BYO Bundle on Fanatical for a whopping $3, and then spent another $15 on the Humble Career Break Bundle. My last pickup for the month was an impulse buy of Slipways on a recent sale, which, you guessed right, I have yet to even open, although I did install it both on my desktop and my Steam Deck. Overall, I spent $68 this month on my gaming hobby.


READING: I bought the FATE Core System rulebook from Drivethru RPG right at the end of August, and once I finished devouring that, I didn’t touch another book in any format for the rest of the month, although I did listen to an Actual Play on YouTube which I enjoyed quite a bit, and which helped solidify that if I do decide to run any kind of table top game in the nearish future, it’ll be in the FATE system. I like that it will work for a variety of settings with a bit of tweaking, and I’ve even made my own fillable character sheet with slightly edited skills, but I haven’t found the motivation or energy to even do a sample character creation session. It’s on my list, it’s just not at the top just yet.

Believe it or not, that’s the entirety of what else I did this month. On the one hand, it makes sense then that my gaming hours were up; I barely touched any of my other hobbies. I did get some stitching supplies ordered and organized, but I didn’t touch either of my current projects, nor did I set up either of the next couple. With so much else going on, and with stress having a pretty severe detrimental effect on my vision lately, it just wasn’t worth the frustration this month.

Over the last couple of days, I have started attempting to rebuild my routines and catch up on my sleep, so I’m looking forward to a more enjoyable October.

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