Summer Sale Season Recap

Another Summer Sale is now over, and – as usual – I probably bought too many games to even conceivably play before the next sale season happens in about six months. Still, grabbing deals is at least half the fun for me, and grab deals I did!

Purchases on Steam

This is the first major sale since we’ve started paying a whole lot of attention to our monthly entertainment spending (although, if we’re honest, I’ve always paid at least some attention to discretionary spending). Of course, having the sale bridge months meant that I could pick up a few things early, and then pick up a few more when my wallet gets refilled on the first.

I kept my purchases on Steam just under $75 (before tax and not including the bit of trading card money I had stashed in my wallet). That netted me 17 games (as well as one DLC), giving an average price of just under $4.50 per game. In a somewhat unusual turn of events for me, I’ve already played around with four of them – I tried out Heavenworld, Fantasy Match Puzzle and Stacklands on my PC, and have been dabbling in Kitaria Fables on the Deck.

Fanatical Purchases

No matter how large my library gets, I’m still unable to resist a bundle, and Fanatical’s “build your own” bundles get me more often than any other these days. I grabbed five games for $7.99 in the Build Your Own Slayer Bundle and then five more for the ridiculously low price of $2.99 in the Build Your Own Indie-Pendence Bundle. I also grabbed PCI: Public Crime Investigation while it was just a dollar more than what I had been hoping for in the Steam sale (in which it wasn’t discounted at all this time around). Overally, I’m very pleased with what I picked up for $22 in total.

Now, I realize I’m in a privileged position to be able to drop just shy of $100 on my hobby for no particular reason other than I love a sale. When AAA titles cost more than half that, and I cannot remember the last time I actually enjoyed a AAA title as much as I enjoy quirky indie games, I am not going to feel bad about purchasing 28 new-to-me games, even if most of them are probably not getting played anytime soon.

5 thoughts on “Summer Sale Season Recap

  1. I behaved myself and skipped out of this sale without buying anything. I did eye V Rising a bit and considered another game on my Wishlist for a while. But those will be on sale again, I venture.


    1. I think for most folks with any significant library, even the Summer & Winter sales are less enticing than in the past. For me, it’s almost as much about the fun shopping experience as about what I end up with, so no regrets.


      1. Nothing wrong with that at all! I think I’m at a point where I’m still just struggling to knock down my unplayed games backlog numbers. Once I do that, I can enjoy a sale again.


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