Nerd Girl Goals – July 2022

I’ve decided I wanted to try something a little different this month – and perhaps going forward – and flip the order of my goal & recap posts. In other words, Nerd Girl Goals will be on the last day of the prior month, while the recap will be on the first day of the following month. Partially, this is for the sake of increased accuracy, but mainly it’s because I realize that I almost always write the posts in this order, and then post them in the reverse. We’ll see how I end up liking it, but this idea was sort of a “eureka moment” for me, and yes, I realize how completely silly that sounds.



Planned games for the #JustOnePercent Project for July are Cris Tales, Song of Farca, Reality’s Reverse Side, Last Stop, In Space No One Can Hear You Clean, The Forgotten City, Abomi Nation, Leaf Me Alone, inbento, An Odd Tale, Doomsday Vault, and Dreamscaper.

This month has a pretty great variety of sources for the #JustOnePercent games – three were purchased specifically for this project, three are on GamePass, two were purchased by me individually but not specifically for the project, two were from bundles I purchased but not for that specific game, one was an Epic store giveaway, and one is a game available for free on Steam.

Two of the games that I own on Steam (Song of Farca and Abomi Nation) have been rated as being Playable on Steam Deck, so I have installed those two game there and intend to play them exclusively on the Deck. I won’t say I’ve mastered getting screen shots from my Deck to my computer, but I managed to do it for Outsider: After Life, so I’m confident I can manage it for these titles as well.

At this point, I’m more than halfway through my goal of 100 games, and even if I continue on playing the games I’ve already picked out, I’ll be wrapping up #JustOnePercent in early to mid December with 120 games played. Because I’m so well situated in regards to number of available titles and being ahead of schedule, I’m going to again make my official goal 10 posts for #JustOnePercent for July.

Co-Op Game Night

I’m not 100% sure just yet where we’re heading next with our co-op game night. We still have some new content to look at in Core Keeper, but for the most part, there just isn’t anything new out there we’re overly excited to try out. We’ve started toying with the idea of doing some board game adaptations in Tabletop Simulator, or looking for games more conducive to one or two sessions than epic months-long campaigns. The only thing we have decided is that we want to keep getting together every Tuesday night to do something!

Other Gaming

Like I did last month for my reading goals, I’m keeping my non-project gaming goals fairly unspecific this month. This is partially because there’s a couple meatier titles on the project list this month that I might find myself caught up in, but it’s also partially because I’ve been finding myself craving comfort and familiarity in gaming over challenge or novelty.

However, I will task myself with playing and writing about at least one game that I purchased during the Steam Summer Sale season of 2022 at some point this month.



I’m not quite confident enough to say that I’m definitely past my reading slump, but I’ve started indulging in a re-read of a series I’ve loved for many years, and it’s taken off the pressure of choosing the next book every few days. I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with it – there are 55 books in the series – but given the relatively short length of the earlier titles, giving myself another month with a goal of reading six books feels very very doable.


With my July deadline project nearly done, this month I’ll be working on two separate projects with August deadlines. One is fairly small – less than 5000 stitches – so I don’t anticipate any issues knocking that one out in it’s entirety in a week or so. The other I’ve already started on, and is about four times as large in terms of stitch count, which will make July a pretty craft-intensive month. That’ll be great for my reading goals at least. Ideally, I’d like to finish both projects with August deadlines so that I can dedicate all of August to the outrageously huge project I have to finish up by early September.

I’m also due for another gallery post sometime in July, but I only have a couple of new finished pieces since the last one, so I’d like to figure out how to add more to that series than just pictures and pattern links.

Everything Else

I continue to be resistant to using my leisure time for much else besides gaming, audiobooks, and cross-stitch. Sure, there are other things I think miss doing, but in a very abstract way. Even “comfort” television and movies haven’t been particularly enticing, and it’s too damn hot to spent much more time in the kitchen than absolutely necessary. As it gets hotter outside, my motivation for home improvement tasks has fallen off a cliff, and I realize that it’s probably also due to the fact that as much as I want things to be finished, I’m just really sick of working on it all.

In short, I feel like I might want to be doing other things, but I have no idea what those things are.

So instead of setting goals for things I’m just not enthused about, in July both of my “everything else” projects are going to be gaming-related. First, I’m bringing Krikket’s Game Giveaways out of semi-retirement, and hopefully finding loving homes for more of my unused game keys. It tends to make for a bit of a hectic couple of weeks, but I really love doing it. Secondly, I think it’s maybe time to stop messing around and open up Krikket’s Clubhouse, a community Discord server I’ve been working up in an attempt to have a structured place available for people in my orbit to come together to do fun things online, and maybe get some interplay between the different online communities I’m already a part of.


Note: I am slowly learning that I can talk about things I’d like to do without actually making them line items in a checklist. I am, now and forever, a work in progress.

  • At least 10 posts for #JustOnePercent.
  • At least 6 posts unrelated to #JustOnePercent.
  • Play & write about at least one game purchased during the Steam Summer Sale season 2022.
  • Read / listen to any 6 books.
  • Finish both projects with August deadlines.
  • Do my Second Quarter Stitchcraft Gallery post.
  • Run Krikket’s Game Giveways summer session.
  • Start sending out invites for Krikket’s Clubhouse Discord server.

2 thoughts on “Nerd Girl Goals – July 2022

  1. I love the 87th Precinct series. Thanks for reminding me about it. I haven’t read them all but I must have done more than two -thirds by now. I still want to read some of the later ones, when they started turning into something closer to mainstream novels and less like literal police reports. I need to go through my shelves, sort out all the ones I have, make a list of what I’m missing and start filling the gaps!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See, I didn’t *start* reading them until the later ones, and it took years of scouring used bookstores to get all the early ones. I was surprised to see the audio versions on Scribd (and from book one!) – I still remember a lot of what happens in the personal lives of the cops, but not so much any of the cases. I’ve also read most of McBain’s / Hunter’s other work, but these are the ones I keep returning to.


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