Steam Summer Sale 2022 – Discounts I’m Hoping For

Although they never officially announce their major sales in advance, rumor has it that the Summer Sale will be starting in just a couple of days, and run from June 23 – July 7. Normally, I do a clean up of my wish list around the summer & winter sales, and boy oh boy is it a big old mess right now. Probably a solid third of it is taken up by games that are not yet available to purchase. Out of the rest, a large majority are things that I found vaguely interesting but, considering the size of my library and the deals to be had in bundles, that I am also unlikely to ever purchase.

So what discounts am I hoping to see this time around?


60% off or more ($9.99 or less)

Quite honestly, I’m kicking myself for not picking up the recent Humble Bundle that had this game in it – at the time, it seemed ridiculous to buy a bundle when I just wanted one title from it. It’s dipped down to 50% off before, and I’m hoping that it’s recent bundling will mean they’re willing to drop the price just a little bit more.

The Signal State

50% off or more ($9.99 or less)

I don’t usually get too spendy on puzzle games – it’s hard to tell before playing if they’re going to be too easy, or too hard, or too short to justify the purchase price. This one has dipped to 25% off in the past, but at half price, I’d likely bite.

PCI: Public Crime Investigation

50% off or more ($9.99 or less)

I’ve found myself seeking out more solid “solve the mystery” games lately, and while I realize that by their nature, these games aren’t terribly replayable, I usually really enjoy them. I will probably grab it at it’s current 45% off on Fanatical if it doesn’t dip any lower on Steam, but half price really is my sweet spot.

Temtem, Eco, Dyson Sphere Program, Songs of Syx

Any significant discount (25% or more)

These four titles are my current sale-shopper white whales – the games that I have yet to see any significant sale on. I’m not saying 10% is never enough to convince me to pick up a game I’ve been eyeing for awhile, but if I don’t buy it outright instead of adding to my wish list, it’s highly unlikely I’m going to go for anything less that 25% off, and I usually prefer to wait for even higher discounts. However, all of these titles are ones I’ve been watching for a bit, and with there being so little I’m interested in this time around, I might splurge on one of these.

2 thoughts on “Steam Summer Sale 2022 – Discounts I’m Hoping For

  1. I also have Parkasaurus and Eco on my wishlist, so always keeping an eye out on significant sales from everything there. I’m in no rush to buy new games right now, though, so it would have to be a pretty significant sale to budge me.

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  2. Parkasaurus is such a cute game! ❤ I really love playing it and can't wait for the DLC to come out!

    I'm also looking for good "solve the mystery/crime" games… I really enjoyed LA Noire, but that was ages ago…


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