CheckMyDeck – The Steam Deck Compatibility App I Didn’t Know I Wanted

I was initially pretty excited that Steam has a built-in compatibility checker which can take your personal gaming library and show you which games have been verified, which are playable, and which are unsupported. However, it didn’t take long for me to see the flaw in the long-term usability of their set-up.

On Steam, each category is sorted by how recently you launched or added a particular game to your library, which means you have to do an awful lot of poking around to see what’s recently been added to any of your categories. So I went off to the internet to see if I could find something that did the same thing, except better, and I ended up at CheckMyDeck.

Once you link up your Steam account, you can check not only your library, but your wish list as well. At the top of the page, there’s a breakdown of how much of your library is Playable or better. Beneath that, you’ll see a color-coded list of games which you can sort in multiple ways. Sorting by the first column – Last Change – will enable you to see what has most recently been tested and categorized.

I thought this was everything I wanted it to do, but I was even more impressed when I took a look at some of the filtering options they provide as well.

Everybody has their quirks about what issues are deal-breakers for them, and being able to choose to not show games that have a specific problem is fantastic. If you’re concerned about Playable games having hard-to-read text, you can check a box, and those games disappear from your list. If you’re willing to mess around with Unsupported titles, but not if they’re Unsupported due to anti-cheat issues, just click off both anti-cheat related items. If you don’t want to see any Unsupported games in your list, just check off everything in red, and you’ll be left only with Verified, Playable and Unknown titles.

For a fairly lightweight web tool, there’s a lot here to like. It loads my rather hefty library without very much hang time, and I find myself checking it every few days to see what’s been added, and maybe find a hidden gem that I already own to play around with.

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