Twitter Takes On – The Variety Gamer Score

I spend far too much time on Twitter. Not only is it my main way of keeping in touch with all of my pocket friends, I’m also following a bunch of gaming related topics, bloggers, and content creators. When you consider that most of my friends are nerds, well, it means an awful lot of gaming-related stuff shows up on my feed pretty regularly.

The other day, the thing making the rounds was a checklist style image with a bunch of game franchises listed along under the question of “What is your variety gamer score?”. Normally, I adore these kinds of lists, but as I looked over this one, I felt a little overlooked as someone who has spent her entire life with the PC being my primary gaming platform. My score was a rather low 24, but I felt like for me, as a PC gamer, there were a lot of pretty serious omissions on the original list.

The original Variety Gamer Score template that was on my Twitter timeline recently.

So I did what anyone with strong opinions and way too much time on their hands would do – I made my own list of 100 video game franchises that – to me – felt less console-centric. Which means now, it’s probably PC-centric, but hey, at least now there’s one for both types of gamers. Obviously, there’s some overlap, but I definitely feel like I replaced some smaller franchises with some ones that a lot of people will be a bit more familiar with. Or maybe it’s just me, and that’d be ok too.

My version of the Variety Gamer Score checklist.

Does either of these lists speak to you more than the other? Leave me a comment or tag me on Twitter (@OhaiKrikket) with your Variety Gamer Score (and let me know which version you’re using)!

8 thoughts on “Twitter Takes On – The Variety Gamer Score

  1. Yes, you know the list is console centric when Sid Meier’s Civ series isn’t listed. And I’m showing my age, but a nod to an older series such as Ultima would normally be there too. Maybe there should be a version for old gamers, and it includes those and other titles such as Zork and the old Infocom text games (such as Planetfall and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), and maybe some old Atari/Intellivision games in there too. But that’s just me; I’m an old gamer.

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    1. I’m also a “gamer of a certain age” and I know I definitely missed some older series that probably should have been on there! Missing Civilization and SimCity were the two that really prompted me to do my own – I maybe could have come up with an even more inclusive one if I spent weeks on it instead of hours, but I was fairly content with what I ended up with.

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  2. I got 10 for the first. So quite obviously, I’m not a variety gamer… If not Civilization or SimCity, where is the Settlers, at least? I’ll go through your list later, but I like that you kept Tetris. 😀


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