Game Over – Unforgettable You (#JustOnePercent 35/100)

Developer: NanningsGames
Release Date: May 102, 2021
MSRP: Free

I don’t generally go in for platformers, but I feel like story-driven platformers aren’t terrible common. Unforgettable You is just that – in fact, it leans so heavily into the focus of story and art, I’m not entirely sure it needed to be a platformer at all. Certainly, the game play is the weakest part of this short, free title; it’s a minimalist journey through a love affair from first meeting until final goodbye.

Did I mention the graphics are stunning? Your character is forever a silhouette, against 21 distinct background designs. On each level, there are three hearts to collect (most of which you will get easily just moving from one end to the other), and a light orb that finishes out the level. Thankfully for me, the platforming is not difficult, and there is no combat. There are, however, places where missed jumps or touching dangerous creatures can reset your progress, and two levels where for at least part of the time, speed is of the essence, and missing a single jump can mean being returned to the start of the level.

I know I already said that Unforgettable You‘s strength is not in its game play, but I was impressed at the number of different (and yet not too challenging) mechanics peppered throughout. I think even in a game that I was able to complete in under an hour, without the frequent changes and additions in how the levels were structured, it would have become tedious. The story is fairly minimalistic, with each level only having a handful of lines of (full voice acted!) dialogue.

If you’re a platforming aficionado looking for a challenge, give this one a pass. If you want to look at pretty graphics, and enjoy lovely music while taking in a short and sweet love story, this game is 100% worth the download.

SteamDB estimates that Unforgettable You has been downloaded between 500 and a 1,300 times from Steam. It is ranked 1961 out of 10,967 games released in 2021.

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