Nerd Girl Goals – May 2022

Spring is in the air, at least most days, and I still don’t want to leave the house. Which is probably for the best, because despite a lot of energy being put into “say(ing) it ain’t so”, there’s still a pandemic going on. I’m sure I’ll take advantage of the opportunity to hit up a few outdoor events before the oppressive heat of summer kicks in and I enter into a committed relationship with my air conditioner, but I also don’t anticipate having any difficulty knocking some nerdy goals out this month.


Planned games for the #JustOnePercent project for May are Unforgettable You, Before We Leave, Network, Polyville Canyon, Subnautica: Below Zero, Wild at Heart, Just Die Already, Lacuna, Tainted Grail, Scoot Kaboom and the Tomb of Doom, Solasta: Crown of the Magister, Overboard, and No Ghost in Stay Home.

If nothing goes sideways, I’m looking at another thirteen game month for #JustOnePercent. That said, if for some reason I have to drop a game or two, I’m not going looking for replacements – I’m far enough ahead that I don’t need to keep this pace, but there’s so many games I’m interested in every month. Several of these are pretty hefty titles that I expect I’m going to want to play for significantly more than an hour, so I’d like to have the freedom to do that if the spirit moves me.

I’m planning to stick to Monday – Thursday – Saturday for project posts because the spacing feels right. GamePass is coming in clutch this month – four of the thirteen titles I’m planning on I will be playing through the service. If I had purchased just those four games at full price, it would have cost me around $115.

I have absolutely zero reason to believe that with our super-casual 3ish hour a week schedule, we’ll be anywhere near the end of Terraria before the month is up. If either Core Keeper or Wildermyth gets additional content added, we may pop back over, but I foresee this being a game that will carry us through a couple of months, easily.

While I probably should keep my non-project solo gaming goals extra light this month, I do have a shoot-for-the-stars kind of plan. Firstly, I’d like to hit level 40 in my all-gold playthrough of Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2. Secondly, I want to dip back into The Elder Scrolls Online on a super-casual basis. Before I took my last break, I’d rolled up some alts that I never got around to leveling up, and I’d like to pick one and cruise through one of the Chapters I’ve never done. For me, ESO is best when I play it like a single player, story-focused game, and that’s really all I’m hoping to get out of it this time. Initially, I’m not planning to re-up my subscription, but I also realize not re-upping means I basically can’t touch my leveled characters or use my bank. I admit it, I’m a virtual hoarder.


Reading: In an attempt to compromise with myself by setting reasonable goals, I’m going shoot for three books this month, at least one of them print, and at least one of them from my recommended book challenge. I am currently just barely on track for my 2022 Goodreads challenge, and I’d like to not fall too far behind.

Watching: I’ve already cancelled my Netflix subscription; I cannot remember the last thing we watched on there, and it’s the most expensive streaming service we pay for by a good margin. I figure if we end up missing it, we can always re-subscribe. My promotional period for Starz ends mid-month, so that one is going to be the next to go. Lately, I’ve found myself less interesting in watching things than in figuring out how to spend less money on television. I may carve out some time to check out The Wilds on Amazon Prime, but it’s equally possible that I’m just going to try to have the television on a whole lot less than I normally do.

Stitchcraft: Once I wrap up my June deadline project in the next week or so, I’d like to get one of my other August projects in frame and carded. I also want to hit at least 25% on either of the two massive projects I currently have going. That really isn’t going to necessitate picking up the pace, just maintaining my current momentum.


  • At least 12 posts for #JustOnePercent.
  • At least 4 posts unrelated to #JustOne Percent.
  • Hit level 40 in CSD2 with all gold medals.
  • Complete the chapter story of Elsweyr, Greywood, or Blackmoor in Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Listen to / read at least 3 books total.
  • Read at least 1 print book.
  • Listen to / read at least 1 book from My 12 Project.
  • Finish cross stitch with June deadline.
  • Hit 25% on one other current stitch project.
  • Get new project in a frame with all floss carded.
  • Cancel Starz.
  • Get crafting desk cleaned off and usable.

2 thoughts on “Nerd Girl Goals – May 2022

  1. You have an ambitious month planned! I need to get myself together and set my monthly goals still, but things have been a little chaotic lately. I should really start posting them the way you do — accountability is helpful for me.
    I also just read your review of Unforgettable You and definitely want to give it a try!


    1. I have a lot of issues with decision paralysis, to the extent I’d rather over-schedule and fall short than not know what to do with myself. Every time I make a list like this, my thought process is to go for better than half, and be okay with that.


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