Nerd Girl Goals – April 2022

I’m anticipating two major life things this month that are likely to cut into my time. Firstly, I’m planning to move my PC (as well as quite a few other items) into the newly renovated space that’s going to be a combination bedroom and office / crafting space. Secondly, my husband is going in for yet another surgery on his spine, which if it is in line with previous surgeries, means about a week in the hospital and another week at home where he’s going to need more of my attention than usual. Since I also have thirteen #JustOnePercent games on the agenda during the month, I’m going to really have to manage my time & energy well.


Planned games for April are Safari Zone, The Cryptologist Room, Runeverse: The Card Game, Secret Government, Ashwalkers, Rain on Your Parade, Invisible Wings, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, Cryofall, Legend of Keepers, Island Farmer, Eternia: Pet Whisperer, and Redeliver.

I may have bitten off more this month than I can chew. Trying to write about thirteen games is a lot, but I really struggled with which (if any) I should cut. I’ve plotted out my schedule already, and since it worked fairly well last month, the majority of my posts for the project are going to follow a Monday – Thursday – Saturday schedule. I plan on trying to frontload my month as much as I can, so that once things go a little wacky around here during the middle of the month, I’ll be able to take a step back without sacrificing my planned content.

On the co-op front, I’m hoping we still have enough to do in Core Keeper to not have to move onto another game before the end of the month. I was a little apprehensive about it – I tend to not do all that well at the combat portions of these types of games, but I haven’t been struggling too much with the combat, and I’m really digging (pun only sort of intended) the rest of the mechanics. I’d like to get another three or four gaming sessions out of the current content, but I’m also really looking forward to seeing what else gets added to the game.

I’m not completely abandoning So We Meet Again but I’ve already managed to completely ignore it during two months with less other things going on, so I’m going to pre-emptively decide to ignore it in April. Which means I’ll probably end up doing it, because that’s how things work out a lot of the time.

However, since I’m currently MMO-less, I am going to be looking for something else to play in the in-betweens of things. Very definitive, I know.


Reading: I feel like I’m back on track with reading – well, mostly listening to – books. I’d like to up my total reading goal this month up to four titles completed, with at least one of those being from my recommended book challenge. Scribd has a couple of those in audio, and I bought a third on Audible before I bailed. Scribd also has a handful available in e-book, and at least one I own, so there’s really no reason not to get started.

Watching: The last week or so of April is likely to have an abnormally high amount of TV time, but as of right now, I don’t have anything that I feel like I need to watch. I do want to figure out what I’m most interested in on Netflix, AppleTV, and Starz and prioritize those things – I’d like to drop all three of those services in the near-ish future.

Stitch-craft: My next stitching deadline isn’t until June, so although I know what the next couple of projects on the frames will be, it’s not a big deal if I shift some craft time back to gaming & blogging this month. I’d like to hit at least the 50% mark on the project with a June deadline, but it’s relatively small (under 10,000 stitches) so I feel like this particular goal is a bit of a freebie.


  • At least 12 posts for #JustOnePercent.
  • At least 4 posts unrelated to #JustOnePercent.
  • Pick out something and play it just because I want to.
  • Read at least 4 books.
  • Read at least 1 book from My 12 Challenge.
  • Complete at least half of the stitch-craft project with a June deadline.
  • Move all my stuff into my new room!

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