In Review – March 2022

March To Do List

  • Put all of March’s planned content into Asana.
  • At least 8 posts for #JustOnePercent.
  • At least 4 posts unrelated to #JustOnePercent.
  • Spend my remaining Audible credits & cancel my subscription.
  • Read / listen to at least two books.
  • Get all non-current stitching project materials into project bags.
  • Finish both current stitching projects.
  • Finish prepping & painting walls in the back room.

So close to getting through it all. The biggest impediment to finishing up the stitching projects is that the baby sampler (which was on hold until the baby was born & I had the name and date to put in) was as finished as it could be, but then the baby came a bit early and showed up on March 28th! Prior to that, I was still about 500 or so stitches behind, which is a mere day or two – at any rate, both should be done and ready for framing by the end of the week.

As for my renovation goal, that’s another one I missed by mere days. The last wall has been prepped, and the first coat of paint is going on today! The flooring will be going in over the next week or so, and then we just need to tackle furniture, and figure out all the wiring to get everything fully functional. I feel like we’ve been working on this one forever, and it almost doesn’t feel real that I’ll actually have all that space for myself by the end of April.


Data taken from ManicTime.

I was pretty much spot on with both the #JustOnePercent project stuff as well as still producing a limited amount of unrelated content. I covered twelve games #JustOnePercent games this month, which brings my total up to 21/100 going into month three. I’ve been keeping my spreadsheet updated as I write my posts, and as I gain access to new titles that fit the parameters. At this point, I have enough games available that I will be able to cover 100 games that were all published within a 12 month period (between 2/1/21 and 1/31/22), which is twice as narrow as the scope I originally set.

The twelve games I covered in March were Bloodroots, Size Matters, Landlord of the Woods*, Sizeable, Endzone: A World Apart, Machinika Museum, PuzzlePet – Feed Your Cat*, Paradise Lost*, Heart of Enya, Word Wise, Cozy Grove, and Lost Words: Beyond the Page. Titles marked with an asterisk were played less than one hour and are absent from the chart above.

I’ve been making note of how and why each title was acquired, so I decided to make up a small chart of the sources of each of the games I’ve already covered. Just under 2/3 were either purchased by me strictly to play for this project, or purchased by me due to genuine interest or inclusion in a bundle. The remaining titles were either available to me on GamePass, or I obtained free either on Steam directly, through Prime Gaming, or via Epic Store giveaways. Turns out that I grossly overestimated the additional cost of this project initially, and as a result, I’m planning to remove my sponsorship request form, as there really is no reason for it to exist.

So far the most challenging part of the project has been making sure I cover each game before the anniversary of its release – I also expect that this will get easier as I go, although both April and May currently have a gridlock around mid-month, when several titles released either on the same day or within a few days of one another. I realize it’s an arbitrary rule, but it has had the unintended consequence of helping with decision paralysis, so I’m sticking with it.

Non-project gaming has taken a bit of a hit this month, as a result of increasing the number of project titles, as well as trying to juggle my other hobbies, and work on home renovations. Even still, I feel like this was one of my balanced months in recent memory, as well as one of my most productive. I have to give at least partial credit for that to my content planning calendar. Having goals mapped out for the entire month really helps me stay on track and plan my time better than I normally do.

Out of the five games I spent any significant time in outside of the project this month, three were played on co-op game nights (Stolen Realm, Dungeon Defenders II, and Core Keeper). We’ve finally settled on Core Keeper, at least until we run out of current content. The game is newly released, and in Early Access, so we’re hoping to be able to hop in and out of this one as major updates are released. At the end of our third play session, we’ve hit a pretty major milestone, but I’m still optimistic we’ll have enough to do to play at least another 3-4 sessions.

The remainder of my gaming time was spend on MMOs, and I feel like I’ve pretty much wrapped up my time with both of them at least for now. I posted around mid-month about cancelling my World of Warcraft subscription and my conflicted feelings on it. Lost Ark on the other hand, just seems to have petered out for me. Surprisingly, my loss of interest isn’t about the grind, which is significant, but about the amount of time travel takes, and the sheer amount of travel expected at the point in the game I find myself at currently. I’m not going so far as to say I’m completely over it, but I find myself logging in less and less frequently, and spending less time in game when I do log in now. The honeymoon is clearly over.

I did get a little spend-happy this month, resulting in $132 worth of gaming related expenses. A good chunk of that was bundles; I picked up two of the big charity bundles that were available, spending $20 on’s and $15 on Fanatical’s. I also bought this month’s Humble Choice, and spent about $30 during Fanatical’s Bundlefest at the beginning of March. I snagged four more games for #JustOnePercent when they hit deep discounts on Steam, and also purchased Core Keeper the week after it released as well as Loop Hero when it was available for under $5 on Steam. I didn’t break the budget, but I definitely used it all up for March.


Books were definitely where I overachieved in March. Knowing I was planning to cancel my Audible subscription, I listened to I Eat Men Like Air and Fantasticland, both of which were part of Audible’s Plus catalog, early in the month. Switching over to Scribd’s library, I decided to revisit an author I used to really love and picked out Sole Survivor as my next audiobook, but found it dragged a bit for me, which meant I took 10 days to listen to the whole thing. I finished out the month with The Silent Patient (which I binged over two days) and They Did Bad Things.

My sole e-book for the month was Paperbacks From Hell, which has been pretty interesting, but is definitely something I’ve been reading far more casually.

I did manage to spend my remaining Audible credits, going for a mix of things I knew I’d enjoy, and a couple of series that looked interesting enough to try out. My husband requested a copy of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, so that rounded out the package.


WATCHING: It did end up being a slow television month. We watched the final episode of Lovecraft Country, and settled on Castle Rock as our next date-night watch. I binged the first season of Next Level Chef on Hulu, and rewatched most of the first four seasons of House on Amazon Prime. The last week or so, I’ve been watching Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction on IMDBtv, and commercials are still every bit as annoying as I remember them being.

Now that I’m looking back at everything that went on in March, it’s kind of a small miracle that I also managed to check off the majority of my to do list. I went through all my cross-stitch supplies, and put the supplies for each different project in its own bag. I tackled some kitchen organization, managed to bake a couple of different things and made a batch of fudge that never did set up right. I plastered and painted, moved furniture around over and over and put in way too many Home Depot orders. I got the taxes filed, I got my booster shot, I spent a not insignificant amount of time panicking about the state of everything. March was an incredibly full month, and yet I managed to get by without dropping too many balls, so I’m calling that a success.

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