Games I’m Looking Forward to From the Bundle for Ukraine

If you’re reading this on the day it posts, you still have a (very little) bit of time to grab a copy of the Bundle for Ukraine for yourself! However, if you’ve missed it, you may still want to consider checking out some of the great indie games that were donated – even if it’s too late to support the cause by buying the bundle, it’s never too late to support the developers that helped raise over 5 million dollars for humanitarian aid.

I realize I just hit you with a long rant about differences in taste, and the idea that not everything is for everyone. Obviously, I know that my choices aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, however, I wanted to shed a little bit of a spot light on some of the games I’m most looking forward too out of this overwhelmingly large collection.

Links throughout this post will all lead back to the pages for the games in question. Many of them are also available on Steam, however.

Safari Zone is a creature collection game with roguelite elements that had somehow completely flown underneath my radar until I spotted it in this bundle. I may have missed out on the Pokemon-craze growing up, but I got pretty intensely into pet battling in World of Warcraft, and the Siralim series of games, so I’m always looking for a quirky new take on the genre.

Lucifer Within Us puts the player in the shoes of a “digital exorcist”, requiring mostly text based detective work to find and deal with demonic possessions. I really enjoyed the demo when I played it, but held off on purchasing the game due to concerns about length.

Nauticrawl is an atmospheric roguelite puzzle game where your survival depends on your ability to figure out how to pilot a stolen vehicle and escape from your impending doom. The way the game is described, it brought to mind The Outer Wilds, as you should expect to fail over and over in order to gather the information you need to succeed.

As someone who loves both scheduling and Alice in Wonderland, I find the concept of Wonderland Nights fascinating. It’s a narrative adventure game that tasks you with figuring out the agenda for the annual Wonderland Summit. You’ll need to learn about all the major players and set things up in such a way to keep interpersonal quarrels from interfering in the future of Wonderland.

Although this isn’t the first charity mega-bundle to include Baba is You, it’s a game I’ve been cautiously interested in for quite awhile. If you’re the type of person who likes to bend the rules, you might enjoy this rules manipulation puzzler – just be aware, the challenge level in this one has been dialed up to eleven.

In the realm of video game mash ups I didn’t know I wanted, Rogue Slide combines the puzzling mechanics of 2048 and Threes! with classic dungeon crawler gameplay. Just released in February, the game features multiple unlockable characters and a daily dungeon mode.

I’ve also put together a list of a dozen games I’ve previously played that are included in this bundle, and you can see those here, as well as a more robust list of games of interest from this bundle.

Are there any games you’re particularly excited to see in this bundle? Tell me about them in the comments!

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