Bundle for Ukraine is Live on Itch.io

Yet again, indie developers have come together in force on Itch.io to put together one hell of a bundle for charity. Put together by the folks at Necrosoft Games, the developers of Gunhouse and Oh, Deer (which was highlighted as a Humble Original back in their Feb 2017 Monthly), there are just under 1000 individual items in this bundle from over 700 different developers, some of which just made their game available on Itch.io to be a part of this bundle.

While I have no doubt this collection is absolutely full of hidden gems, there’s also quite a few titles that you probably have heard of. Just at a glance, I spotted Celeste, Baba is You, SUPERHOT, Crosscode, and Wandersong. While I’m sure there will be quite a bit of overlap with the megabundles from the last two years, I’ve already seen enough that’s new to me to make it worth the $10 buy in.

Proceeds from the bundle will be split equally between International Medical Corps and Voices of Children, which is a Ukrainian based organization dedicated to helping children with PTSD.

You can purchase this bundle here: https://itch.io/b/1316/bundle-for-ukraine

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