Game Over – Destroy It (#JustOnePercent 2/100)

Developer: Destroy It

Release Date: February 23, 2021

MSRP: $9.99

Well, it didn’t take long for me to find a game that made me really glad I put the caveat in about not having to play something for an hour if I completed it sooner. Destroy It sounded cool in theory – take a robot and smash it into things to make it fall apart. After all, who doesn’t like breaking things and destructible environments?

Just so there’s no potential for misunderstanding – had I spent full price on this one, I would be refunding it, but at $0.99 I’m going to call it a lesson learned. Sure, the reviews weren’t great, but to be fair, there aren’t even enough of them for Steam to have decided on a rating. I thought I would give it a chance.

With four minutes played, I feel as if I have seen everything Destroy It has to offer. There are only three “levels”, and they all consist of something on a rapidly spinning screen, with the same three bars of music looped over and over. You pick up the robot with the left mouse button, and use it to break things. That’s it. That’s everything there is.

The physics isn’t even satisfying. Things just kind of float in the air. To add insult to injury, the last level doesn’t even break into all that many pieces. On the upside, at least it’s available in a whole bunch of languages?

Clearly, I cannot recommend Destroy It. There just isn’t enough of anything here to really feel like I’ve played a game. Sometimes we find gold, sometimes we find rocks. This one is really just a dirty pebble.

SteamDB estimates that Destroy It has sold somewhere between 300 and 900 copies on Steam, giving it a ranking of 10,563 out of 10,967 Steam releases in 2021.

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