Nerd Girl Goals – February 2022

Look, I know I said I was hoping to do more with the blog in 2022, but I promise you, I never expected to be embarking on a year-long, 100 game-playing project! But the #JustOnePercent project starts today, and runs until January 31, 2023, which seems so very very far away right now. Posting about 100 games means I need to be writing something up every 3 to 4 days, so at least my post count should be going up!


I’ve done a pretty good job of setting myself up with a spreadsheet, putting the games available to me that fit the project in order by date of release. Obviously, putting something onto the spreadsheet is no guarantee that I will definitely play and write about it, and I’m sure I’ll jump around from time to time, but these games are probably the most likely to be featured this month. Highlight titles were purchased and/or downloaded specifically for this project, and will almost definitely make an appearance here. Setting a goal of covering 10 games a month gives me a little wiggle room to drop the ball if life gets crazy, or to surpass the original goal of 100 games.

I’ve already managed to scrape SteamDB for games released in 2021 through the end of July, so I’m approximately 25% of the way through the organizational part. I’d like to also get through August – January this month, so I can then just pay attention to new releases through the duration.

I’m currently at 72 games I have access to, and another 43 wish listed.


Now, you’d think that’d probably be enough to work on gaming-wise, but I do plan on continuing with my So We Meet Again series as well, although I’ve adjusted my expectations somewhat and may not finish something to satisfaction every month with my other commitments. I’m also hoping to keep space in my schedule to, at least every now and then, play something simply because it strikes my fancy.

Still, I don’t want to get overwhelmed or burnt out – keeping up with all the other things I want to do over the next year could very easily lead to me posting every other day or more. So for me, this February will be about finding the balance, which is extra important this month since it’s 2 to 3 days shorter than all the rest!


The good news is that I managed to finish getting my recommendation challenge filled out! The bad news is, most of these books aren’t available through the services I currently use, so I’m going to have to budget for picking these up, in either e-book or paperback, most likely. I grabbed an ebook of Mexican Gothic, and I’ve already found a couple others on Scribd, so I’d like to check off one or two of those this month.

Otherwise, I’m going to continue on listening to audiobooks while I craft, and finish spending my outstanding Audible credits so I can cancel my subscription.


Stitch-craft: I have two projects that need to go out the door immediately, all done but for the framing. I have two more with early April deadlines, and one other in progress. I’d like to wrap up at least one of my April projects and the one I have nearly done (although it’s got a much later deadline). I also have a huge project that I need done by early September, and although that seems really far away, it’s 40,000 stitches, which is – bare minimum – at least 10 weeks worth of work just on that. I’d like to start working on it sooner rather than later, so I can break it up with some of the smaller projects. I want to at least get it started before the end of the month.

Ideally, I also need a notebook or a spreadsheet or something to keep track of birthdays so I can make sure I leave myself enough time to pick out patterns, order supplies and actually do the stitching & framing throughout the remainder of the year.

On My Watchlist: I’m definitely focusing less on television & movies right now, but I would like to finish up Lovecraft Country this month, as well as at least watching the beginning of Yellowjackets, which I’m not 100% sure if I’ll like, but I took advantage of two heavily discounted months of Showtime in order to check out. If it’s not for me, that’s fine, but I don’t want it getting away from me and my opportunity to watch to run out.


To do in February:

  • At least 8 posts for #JustOnePercent.
  • At least 4 posts unrelated to #JustOnePercent.
  • Choose and start a game for So We Meet Again.
  • Read / Listen to at least one book from my 12 Challenge.
  • Finish up Lovecraft Country and check out Yellowjackets.
  • Complete at least two stitching projects.
  • Figure out a method of content planning that works for me, and implement it (carried over from January).

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