Steam Winter Sale 2021

It seems like I’ve done a whole bunch of planning and debating for the past several major Steam sales. For me, part of the fun is poking into the hidden corners of Steam and looking for the best deals and the hidden gems. Normally, I play around with whatever my budget is, and end up hitting that check out button at least one more time than I had planned on.

This time around, I just wasn’t feeling it. I plucked a shopping cart directly from my wish list, and didn’t spend all that much time reconsidering my choices. I usually only grab one “bigger” (read, more expensive) title whereas this year, I picked up both Craftopia and The Colonists. The only really cheap title I picked up this go around was Alchemist Simulator, and I rounded out my shopping cart with Lamplight City, which has been on my wish list forever but has stubbornly refused to dip lower than 40% off, and Penko Park, which I’ve been wanting to pick up since enjoying both New Pokemon Snap and Alekon so much this past year.

Of course, I also never get away with just one cart full, but even my afterthought purchases were far fewer than average this year. I grabbed Keplerth (another title that spent a considerable amount of time on my wish list) after noticing it’s due to leave early access sometime this month. Finally, I bought Stolen Realm after my co-op partner and I decided to play through that next.

Outside of Steam (and of course, the Epic freebies that I picked up almost every day they were available), my only Winter-Sale-season purchase was the Deckbuilder Bundle on Fanatical. I grabbed that one mainly for The Magister, which is almost twice the price of the entire bundle on sale. I also activated Mystic Vale, and held onto the keys for System Crash, Cat Lady, and A Long Way Down. The rest I gave away on my Discord before wrapping that up for the time being.

I usually allow myself about $100 for each of the major sales, and I came in pretty significantly under that amount this year. Now, I just need to put some time aside to play all these games.

I also received a few gifted games during the sale. I’ve already talked quite a bit about PowerWash Simulator, which I’m enjoying far more than I expected to. Satisfactory is another title I’ve been keeping an eye on, and I expect I’ll lose quite a number of hours to in the future. I don’t find myself reaching for puzzle games as often as I once did, but Gorogoa looks amazing, and I’m not sure why I hadn’t picked it up before now.

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