In Review – December 2021

Data taken from ManicTime.

I was all over the place this month (not surprising), and my gaming hours are down slightly (also not surprising). I definitely did not get my money’s worth out of my World of Warcraft sub this month, logging just under 5 hours, but I did manage to get a Sylvanas kill under my belt, so I can walk away from this tier of raiding satisfied, no matter how much or how little else I do while waiting for 9.2. I did play The Good Life on XBox Game Pass, but yet again, I downloaded far more titles than I ever loaded up.

My co-op partner and I have also finally wrapped up the currently available story content in Wildermyth, so I expect I’ll be doing a little write-up about that experience in the next week or so, but man, the end of the month really snuck up on me. In fact, I ended up with a handful of post ideas that didn’t make it into December, but with a little bit of focus (which has been in short supply around here lately, I admit), I should be able to start off 2022 with a bit of a sprint.

What I did do during December was something I’ve wanted to do for ages, but never had the gumption to put together until now. I finally organized all my unused game keys from Humble Choice/Monthly, as well as other bundles, and … I just gave them away. Not all of them, not by a long shot, but I probably decreased the size of my digital dustbin by half or more.

Setting up the Discord was easy, and once I settled on a method for listing them all (thank you Sesh for being such a fantastically useful bot!) I was able to do all the listing and the actually distribution in about 30-60 minutes per day. I started putting up listings on the 6th, and gave away my last key on the 29th.

It was kind of a big time commitment in a month where I probably shouldn’t have been looking for more things to do, but I really enjoyed sending a whole bunch of video games to their new homes, where hopefully they will be played and adored.

I have done a lot of thinking about the direction I want to go in with this blog, and you might have noticed that I’ve ponied up a few bucks a month to make the ads go away. I have ideas for a few new semi-regular features, and I’d like to see my post count and consistency go up. As a result, my monthly book-ends might take on a bit of a different look in the new year.

All in all, I’m really okay with December being over, and with leaving 2021 in the rearview mirror.

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