In Review – November 2021

I may be feeling like I dropped the ball on a lot this month (although, I also was really overly ambitious!), my gaming hours were way up from last month!

Most notably, my WoW time was higher than it has been since I re-upped my subscription several months ago, and that’s almost entirely due to the 9.1.5 changes. Probably more than half that time was spent on Island Expeditions, and I’ve collected a bunch of pets, a handful of transmog items, and a whole bunch of doubloons. Which is great, but not as great as my guild taking down Sylvanas for the first time mid-month, but I unfortunately missed out on that particular raid night. I have completely moved back to my shaman full time, and I did enough Torghast to swap my legendary over to my cloak, so overall, decent progress on my goals in November.

I also played two games to completion this month, Unpacking and Grow: Song of the Evertree. Despite my best intentions, playing through Unpacking was the only use I got from my GamePass subscription this month, despite having downloaded quite a few games.

With the majority of my played time spend with World of Warcraft, Grow: Song of the Evertree, and Wildermyth, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on #VNNovember; my first choice didn’t thrill me, and I never even loaded up any of my alternates. Although I plan to see it through the end of the year, I think I’m losing interest in keeping up with the Community Game-Along. It’s a great concept, but the themes often are a stretch for me, and I can’t help but feel like it works better for folks who stream than people like me, who just write about things when we’re done with them.

I’m a few days away from finishing up my cross-stitch project, and about a half dozen episodes from finishing up with Castle, so I’m on schedule with that at least. However, I’m resigned to missing my 2021 GoodReads goal (although I did finish two books in November), and I totally spaced on IntPiPoMo. I had some cool ideas, but I never put the pieces together. Going into the final month of 2021, I know I have to ease up on goal-setting, because December is almost always a difficult month for me.

With 2022 just around the corner, though, I’m starting to brainstorm a bit about what’s next.

3 thoughts on “In Review – November 2021

  1. Would be keen to hear more of your thoughts on Wildermyth (unless you’ve already shared those and I missed them, entirely possible!) — it is a game I’ve been pretty interested in, but noticed a strong recurrence in events people talk about when detailing their experience with the game.

    So I was worried it might have rather limited event generation options. But that you got 20+ hours out of it this month might already be telling enough to say it isn’t too bad in this respect at least.


    1. I haven’t written about it yet since I am (mostly) playing as part of a weekly co-op gaming night, and I tend to forget to do things like take screenshots when playing with others! I did play a couple of “random” campaigns solo, and I did notice some event repetitiveness BUT I did a bit of research and it seems like a lot of event triggers are based on character personality traits, and since I tended to seek out characters with traits that led to dialogue that I found amusing, that is probably at least part of it.

      I am enjoying it overall, but I also absolutely see the flaws in the design.

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