Quick Look – T-Minus 30

Sometimes, I really like a game with a hard time limit. In T-Minus 30, you have 30 real time minutes to harvest resources, develop an infrastructure, and build as many rockets as you can to get people off the planet before it gets destroyed. You’re not going to save them all. You’re not going to even come close.

Including the one tutorial level, there are 10 different scenarios that, honestly, play just about the same; although I have yet to replay any so I’m not sure if they’re static or just themed. You can also generate custom maps. No matter the map you’re playing on, you have the exact same goal – build as many rockets as you can. The real longevity of the game comes from the scenario ratings – the more people you save, the more stars you get at the end of the level. There are even leaderboards if you want to see how you measure up to other players.

Unlike a lot of city building & resource management games, speed matters in T-Minus 30. It’s not a relaxing game, but the game play loop is satisfying, and I found myself desperately clicking as time ran out to try to save just a few more people.

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