Nerd Girl Goals – October 2021

Is it weird to say that I love a month? Because I absolutely adore October. I’m sure a part of it is that Halloween was always my favorite holiday, but as I get older, and less likely to go out and do things, it’s more about the weather. By October, fall is (usually) here in earnest, and I don’t yet (usually) have to think about snow. I dig out all my sweaters, shop for fancy teas and cocoas, and get ready to hunker down through the colder months.

Paid MMO Subscription – World of Warcraft (Retail)

Still not super excited about the day-to-day business of playing World of Warcraft, but we’ve started up alt raids for the tier, which means I’m raiding once a week pretty consistently. This is probably also going to be the case throughout October, although an early drop of 9.1.5 might invigorate me to do more than just log on for raid.

Community Game-A-Long – #HorrorGameOct – Call of Cthulu

Call of Cthulhu has been sitting in my library for quite awhile now, and I had been under the assumption that it was a long game. Long games right now are a turn-off, as I rarely have the attention span to get all the way through. However, a quick check of How Long to Beat tells me that even a completionist play through is only 13 hours or so, and just like that, this one shot up to be my top choice for #HorrorGameOct.

That said, I tend to embrace Spooktober pretty hard every year, so I wouldn’t be surprised if another creepy game or two makes an appearance this month.

Subscription Gaming – XBox Game Pass for PC

Despite not getting a whole lot of use out of my last half-month or so, I still have plenty of games downloaded I want to try, so I’m keeping this one going until at least mid-November. I really haven’t been into much of anything I’ve tried out lately, but there’s also value in taking things off of my wishlist after trying them out.

Spooktober Watch Plans

Normally, I fill up my free time in October with a lot of horror movies, and initially, this had also been my plan for this year. In fact, I even grabbed an infographic from Horror Queers with the intent of following along, but the time spent with American Horror Story over the past couple weeks reminded me of how many horror TV shows I’ve been interested in and never gotten around to watching.

I’m not doing this one, but if you want to broaden your horror movie horizons, you can do worse than follow the Horror Queers October 2021 Watch List.

Some of these I’ve watched a season or more of, some I’ve never even started up, but I’ve really been into the more long-form horror offerings out there lately, so I think I’m going to spend Spooktober with some (or maybe even all of) these shows. Plus I still have several seasons of American Horror Story to watch, and an awful lot of stitching to do.

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