In Review – September 2021

Data pulled from ManicTime.

I know it has a lot more to do with the chaos in my mundane life than anything in the nerdisphere, but September rammed right through like a bullet train that didn’t care if it ran anyone over. I started it off with some gaming comfort food, then there was a patch of pretty severe burnout somewhere in the middle, and the last two weeks have been so busy I’ve been mostly too tired to game when I’m done for the day. This meant a lot of things I had thought I would do during September got blown off, and I just sort of ran with whatever was working for me.

One of the things that mostly fell by the wayside this month was the Community Game-Along. I did manage to open up Atari Vault for about 10 minutes, most of which was spent browsing through the games I could play rather than playing any of them. I did get in a few rounds of Centipede, but my real takeaway was how poorly it felt to play on a keyboard. I had planned to dig out my controller when I went back in, but it never happened.

Most of my gaming time this month was spent on Cook, Serve, Delicious 3. I have now reached the point where I’m starting to really struggle, but still not quite in the impossible-feeling way. There is a chill mode that will enable me to work my way through the remaining levels, and I’m getting far more comfortable with silver and bronze medals than I normally am.

World of Warcraft and Factorio came in second and third, respectively, and are the two games I play as part of weekly scheduled social events. Otherwise, I dabbled a bunch, with most things I tried out not making it past the one hour threshold that gets them added to the pie chart.

Over the past week or so, I’ve also been hit hard by a double shot of FOMO. Many of my friends have started playing Diablo II Resurrected, a game I have no nostalgia for, and that I’m fairly sure I’m not overly interested in on its own merits, but man, watching everyone else has made me want to play. Then, just in the past couple of days, New World fever has exploded across the blogging community, and I’ve felt a mighty tug, but there just is no room in my life for another MMO.

However, probably the biggest reason my gaming time was down this month was that I took a deep dive back into cross-stitch, working on three different projects, and re-watching an awful lot of television while I was doing it. I’ve flown through the first five seasons of American Horror Story, catching me up to where I’ve previously seen. I’ve really been enjoying the change of pace, and giving my eyes a break from staring at a screen all day. I currently have three different projects in process, and thanks to all the reasonably priced patterns I’ve picked up on Etsy and a few impulsive supply orders, I have enough in queue to last me through the entire winter if the hobby sticks this time.

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