Where I’ve Been

I am not sure how it’s come to pass that it’s been almost three weeks since my last post. I don’t even have any great excuse – everything just sort of got away from me for a little bit. Part of it is that I haven’t been doing a whole lot of gaming (although that seems to be picking up again), and part of it is that I’ve just been busy with a whole bunch of super-duper mundane stuff.

I’ve actually been spending a good chunk of time working on crafty stuff – more on that in a bit – so I’ve decided to get my spook on a little early this year. I spent a whole weekend watching my way through all five Final Destination films. I’ve also zoomed through re-watching the first three seasons of American Horror Story in hopes that I’ll continue right through to all the seasons I haven’t gotten around to yet, getting myself all caught up.

While I’m finding myself actually enjoying television again, I mostly picked it back up because I joined in on a Stitch-A-Long with some of my crafty friends. I had hoped to get started around the beginning of the month, but my supplies were delayed in the mail, so I spent a whole lot of time over the course of a few days trying to get my frame completed before the patterns started releasing on the 17th. Since then, I’ve managed to stay (mostly) caught up, although I do still have some decorative frame parts to finish up.

Since I rarely do anything halfway, this has lead me to spending way too much time on Etsy, picking out other patterns to play around with, and then ordering a whole bunch of supplies, so I really hope cross-stitching sticks for a bit this time. We’ve run into a few issues with the renovation projects, which have resulted in further delays into getting back into a dedicated crafting space, so having projects that are relatively compact that I can work on pretty much anywhere has been fantastic. I’d mostly stopped stitching because it seemed like on the days my eyes were ok to do it, my hands were killing me or vice versa. I’m pleased to report that so far neither are giving me too much trouble, provided I remember to put my damn readers on while I’m working.

Otherwise, the majority of my actual gaming time has been spent on co-op endeavors: I’ve been attending weekly raids in World of Warcraft (main raid every other week, and then alt raids on the off weeks as of last week), and playing Factorio with a friend on Tuesdays. When I’m on my own, I’ve had trouble sticking to much of anything since wrapping up Psychonauts 2.

I did spent a few days replaying (almost all of) Ghost Master, since that’s one of my go-to comfort games. I’ve probably run through the first 2/3 of the game about 20 times, and finished it at least half a dozen. If whatever deity is responsible for deciding on remasters is reading along, please give this one some consideration. The game is so great at its core, but it’s coming up on being 20 years old now, and man, it has not aged well at all.

I still have a few chaotic weeks coming up, but things feel like they’re starting to return to normal, more or less, so I’m optimistic that I’m going to be playing – and therefore writing – a little more. The weather is already getting cooler, and I’m starting to plan ahead for another cozy winter of not doing much that requires putting on pants.

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