Would You Rather? – Gaming Edition

For today, I have another small thought experiment. Feel free to steal the questions / images for your own blog post, or just to chat about things in the comments.

For the purposes of this thought experiment, I’m going to say that when considering the questions I’m adding an unspoken “for one year” because man, forever is a long time. I’m also going to look at each question individually rather than assuming I’d have to do all of these concurrently. If you choose to answer, obviously, you can set your own parameters.

Would you rather play games only on console? OR Would you rather play games only on PC?

This one, at least for me, is a no brainer. I do own a Switch, so it’s not like I don’t even have a console to consider at all, which was the case until about 6 months ago. However, I would still absolutely choose my PC every time. Firstly, my library is so much more robust for the PC, but there are also so many more games available.

Would you rather play only singleplayer games? OR Would you rather only play multiplayer games?

While I am guessing most gamers would struggle with this question as well, and although I would miss the few multiplayer games I dabble in, single player is the clear winner for me. I grew up playing almost exclusively single player titles, most of my preferred genres are either designed for the single player experience, or work just fine without multiplayer. There’s definitely more I would miss here than I would by giving up the console, but I could absolutely give up my multiplayer game time.

Would your rather play only games you already own? OR Would your rather play only games you would need to still acquire?

Sure, this question was more than a little bit inspired by my Low Spend 2020 plan that went completely off the rails. In spite of that, I think my choice would be to play games I already own. That covers a lot of territory, and although I am very much distracted by the new and shiny, I think it would be somewhat easier to avoid that temptation than to be locked out of all my comfort games.

Would you rather play only games that challenge you mentally? OR Would you rather play only games that challenge you physically?

Discounting for a moment how little it takes to challenge my physically, I’m still going to go with mentally. I don’t want to play Dark Souls anyway, or any game that wants to be like Dark Souls, or arcade shooters, or precision platformers. All of those things make me crazy anyway, so giving them up wouldn’t represent much of a hardship. However, I love strategy games, and puzzle games, and I think those are the types of games I’d sorely miss.

Would you rather play only long / endless games? OR Would you rather play only games that are less than 20 hours long?

This one is going to hurt either way. I’ve really been enjoying shorter games over the past year or so – there’s something very satisfying about a compact experience that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Even still, I think I would go with the long or endless games, because that would give me a good excuse to tackle some mammoth RPGs interspersed with some rogue-lites, some city builders and simulation games, as well as still spend time playing my preferred MMOs, which for all practical purposes, are never over until they go offline for good.

Would you rather play only games released in the last 10 years? OR Would you rather play only games released more than 10 years ago?

I know this one is my own fault because I came up with these questions, but this one is downright evil, and I spent more time thinking on this one than all the others that came before it. I absolutely love diving back into classic games, but I think I would still go with the last 10 years, just because of the absolutely blossoming of the indie game scene in that time frame. It would also (maybe) push me to play some of the newer entries in series that I keep putting off because I feel like I should play them in order and I don’t want to play the early titles.

9 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Gaming Edition

  1. This is more interesting to me to compare what I think I want to what I actually do. I apparently lie to myself at times. For me reality seems to be multiplayer games I already own that are more than a decade old that hit on the mental front and are played on the PC. I am going to include remasters and remakes in the “decade old” category though and count them only if I own the original.

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