Blaugust: Motivation & Momentum (or the Lack Thereof)

When Belghast first posted about Blaugust 2021, I told myself it’d be absolutely ok to go for one of the lower tiers. After all, I know I can do it – I’ve taken the Rainbow award for daily posts during 2019, and in the slightly different but ultimately similar 2020 Blapril.

But waking up on August 2nd without a post ready to go just felt weird, so it appears that I am going to try to put a little more oomph into this than I had originally planned on. Which is a bit awkward since my blog motivation has been super-low the past few months, which I think is due in large part to my overall motivation being equally low as of late.

The question then is this: where do you find motivation when it’s not in the places you would normally find it? When I start to lose motivation towards the end of a project, I can usually push through solely on momentum, but that’s not really an option at the beginning. Without motivation or momentum to rely on, I’m stuck with what always seems to be my default position of sheer stubbornness!

I’m still not sure exactly how Blaugust 2021 is going to go for me, but watching other participants come out of the gate strong and with a whole lot of gusto has invigorated me. I think my biggest stumbling block is not going to be the time actually spent writing but rather the time where I need to be doing (or at least thinking about) something interesting enough to be writing about.

… which this particular post probably is not, but in the interest of not starting out way behind, it’s what I’ve got today.

Welcome to Blaugust 2021, participants and readers!

2 thoughts on “Blaugust: Motivation & Momentum (or the Lack Thereof)

  1. When I’m low on motivation, sometimes I find it helpful to sit down and chat with a creative friend. More often than not, bouncing ideas and brainstorming about my block or low point tends to really help out. the trick is finding that creative friend that you can trust to be not just supportive but honest when it comes to ideas and feedback.

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  2. One of the things I’ve found to often help when I hit a blogging-block is to do exactly what you’ve done here — write a post about it, directly addressing the issue. For whatever reason, it always seemed to help unclog whatever happened to be in the way!

    Not really directly addressing the idea of motivation; but a possible topic suggestion if you think could work with it — I have been curious how, overall, you felt your low-spend 2020 went? Has it carried on into 2021? Any major tweaks to it to keep it reasonable?

    I also notice you are always (at least trying) the game genre of the month type stuff. Do you find overall that helps your motivation, or do you start feeling the need for a bit of a break to play your own stuff? I know you typically don’t have an issue changing game or letting it go when you need to, but as with the low spend 2020 stuff, an overall post summarising the feelings and experience could be cool!

    Or something that a lot of people — myself included — could find useful based on recent chat is more detail about how specifically you apply the ‘Play to Satisfaction’ concept. I came to a bit of an epiphany essentially just now while writing a reply to Pete/Nimgimli on Dragonchasers that what I want is not necessarily to finish more games — but to at least be more conscious about my decision making to drop one in favour of another, rather than just drawing in on the latest shiny and de facto dropping whatever I was doing.

    Hopefully something in there helps! 🙂

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