In Review – July 2021

Data pulled from ManicTime.

July was another month that went completely off the rails for me. We are still dealing with contractors (although for the past few weeks, they’ve only been working outside, thankfully), and on the ninth, I managed to really mess up my right hand in a dog-walking accident. That left me with nearly two weeks where I couldn’t properly use a mouse, so I was pretty limited by that.

Thankfully, I had already started playing Persona 4 Golden for #JRPGJuly. Although I didn’t think I’d play too much of it, it turned out to be the perfect game to keep my occupied while my hand healed. In fact, that was probably the biggest contributor to my game time being so much higher this month – I’d been spending more time doing crafts which also weren’t an option for about half the month.

This also meant that I missed my guild’s first raid of 9.1 in World of Warcraft, but that ended up working out for me as I decided to switch which character I’m maining for this tier, so I had a little extra time to get caught up. Due to an overabundance of shaman on our team currently, and a complete lack of summoning portal and health cookies, I am running my warlock for main raids this go around.

A late addition to this month’s gaming was the Kainga – Seeds of Civilization closed beta. Kickstarter backers received our keys this past Tuesday, and I’ve been firing it up whenever I had a few spare minutes over the past couple of days. It’s probably a little over-tuned at this point; I’ve only managed to win a handful of scenarios over nine hours of play, and even a long scenario only runs about 20 minutes.

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