Nerd Girl Goals – May 2021


Play to Satisfaction

For me, saying “Play to Satisfaction” gives me explicit permission to drop a game that’s not working for me, but also to grind away for nerd points if I’m really loving something. I’m trying to make it a policy for myself that I will always play to satisfaction – no more, no less.

I still have a few outstanding game-related stuff I’d like to finish up over the next few weeks, but there’s plenty of stuff I haven’t already talked about I’d like to add onto my plate this month.

Community Game-Along – #MetroidvaniaMay

For #MetroidvaniaMay, I’m going to revisit a game I was really enjoying when I first played it, back in July of 2018 – Seasons After Fall. I realize that it’s pretty damn simplistic as far as metroidvanias go, but that’s actually part of the appeal for me. It’s also a fairly short game with an estimated play time of about 6 to 8 hours. I plan to start a fresh play through since I remember very little about the game except that I really liked it.

Since (at least according to the Steam Tag system), I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few metroidvanias in my library, I am also going to select a couple of back-up games. These include Waking Mars, Steamworld Dig, and Hue.

Subscription Gaming Service – Amazon Luna+

I’ve always been sort of curious about cloud gaming services, and when I had the opportunity to check out the Early Access of Amazon Luna+ with a seven day trial, I finally decided to give it a whirl. The selection of games on Luna isn’t fantastic at the base price point (although they do offer a premium Ubisoft tier for folks who are interested in that), there were a few titles I was interested in checking out, so I’ll likely sub for a month and dabble in those.

It’s a little less expensive than XBox Gamepass for PC ($5.99 a month versus $9.99 a month), so despite the overlap of games that interest me, I don’t see any reason not to play them here, unless the performance is dire.

Nintendo Switch Games

Being a console gamer still feels so weird to me. In April, I barely touched the thing, other than to make sure it was charged just in case, until the final day of the month when New Pokemon Snap arrived, and then I barely put it down for a day and a half. What I have been doing, however, is watching price drops on Deku Deals and flushing out my library a bit.

Once I’m ready to move on from photographing Pokemon in their natural habitat, I’d like to dive into Rune Factory 4 Special, since it’s a series I’ve always been curious about, but never had access to.

Other Nerdstuff

I feel like it’s been a very very long time indeed since I’ve spent any significant energy on my non-gaming hobbies. Recently, I’ve returned to doing paint-by-number kits, and I’ve gone back to it hard.

While I’m painting, I’ve been listening to podcasts, which have renewed my interest in all things horror. I’m not sure if this is going to take the form of watching more TV shows, mini-series and movies, or spending more time reading, or just finding more horror-centric podcasts to listen to, but it’s definitely an old interest I’d really like to revisit over the next few months.

In Review – April 2021

This “In Review” post is going to be late because, well, I somehow forgot April only has 30 days, and also, I spent most of the last day of the month obsessively playing New Pokemon Snap instead of writing like I should have been!

April was a little less gaming overall, as I spent a bit more time reading, and listening to The Pike Cast and Horror Queers while doing paint-by-numbers. Sometimes, it’s good to diversify.

I let my World of Warcraft sub lapse, and didn’t really pick anything else up to fill in the void. I did have a couple of nights where I played Among Us with some friends, and I’m still working my way towards perfection in Stardew Valley (as well as continuing my co-op adventures on a different save). But I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired this month to dive into anything new or weighty as far as gaming was concerned.

Finally finished up the Dimensions – Blue Poppies kit I ordered back in March.

Community Game-Along – #CapcoMonth

I dabbled in three different games for #CapcoMonth. The first was Resident Evil 4, which gave me a killer case of motion sickness. Second, I went into Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, which I thought was ok, but too fiddly for my taste.

Finally, I spent about 10 hours (a few of which were when I had accidentally closed Manic Time after the game crashed) with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. If I had started with this one, I might have actually finished it before the month was out, but with only a week or so to go in the month, it was just too big of a project to actually wrap up in the time I had allotted. I’m not sure yet if I’m done with it for the time being, or if I’ll continue to dabble.

Ongoing Gaming Projects

Again, I spent the bulk of my gaming time in Stardew Valley. The (sort of) recent 1.5 update adds a new mechanic of a Perfection Tracker, which is kind of like Grampa’s evaluation turned up to 11. Of course, I can’t resist a challenge like this.

I’m currently well into my fifth year, which is far far longer than I’ve ever played before, and I have just a little friend-ing left to do, and a whole bunch of money to make to finish the last couple things on the checklist. I’m playing less, because it gets a little dull after playing a few days, with so little left to chase after.

Still, I expect to wrap this one up in the next couple of weeks, and I may continue dabbling on a new save with an alternate farm layout.

The progress hasn’t been nearly as solid in Cook, Serve, Delicious 2!! – my fingers just don’t feel like they’ll ever be fast enough for the shifts I have remaining. Where at one point, I was zooming through 5 levels a day, now I’m lucky to get a couple a week, and most of those are just squeaking through with bronze. I’ve even started doing some scenarios on the “Zen” setting, where customers don’t get impatient, but doing any better than just merely passing the level is impossible.

I’d still like to unlock all the shifts, but I think I’m over #GoingForGold.