In Review – November 2020

This has been another month that has gone by in a flash while feeling so very very long. In fact, without ManicTime (and my earlier blog entries), I would have forgotten about approximately half of what I played this month.

I’m assuming that “nw” represents the time I spent on Aviary Attorney for the Community Game Along.

As you can probably tell, World of Warcraft took up a huge amount of my time this month. Back on November 13th, just under two weeks before Shadlowlands launched, all of a sudden I was motivated to start leveling characters. And level I did. I went from having five level 50 characters to having twice that number (including a Kul’Tiran mage and Void Elf hunter who were basically brand new characters).

Since Tuesday, I’ve leveled up my shaman, gotten my druid to 58, and trucked an additional five characters through the opening scenario so I could start working their professions. Unfortunately, I might have missed the big money making window of crafting materials and early crafted upgrades, but I really enjoyed the journey, even if I’m not entirely sure what to do with myself at max level.

Earlier in the month, I made my way through two visual novels for the Community Game Along. I’m still not entirely sold on the genre as a whole, but I really liked Murder Most Misfortunate, and I did find Aviary Attorney interesting, if a little bit frustrating.

I slaughtered a massive number of zombies in Dead Rising 4 to distract me from the Presidential election and, despite it being a pretty awful Dead Rising game, I found it to be a pretty satisfying zombie game.

The rest of my gaming this month was merely dabbling – a couple multiplayer games with friends, a dozen hours of Autonauts, and just enough time with Carto to appreciate the mechanics. I thought I’d probably return to it, but once I did a deep dive into World of Warcraft, everything else sort of fell by the wayside.

With a whopping 158 hours spent on gaming in November, I really didn’t have much time for any other hobbies – I didn’t watch much television, do much reading, or do any non-blog writing at all, so there were definitely goals I made at the beginning of the month that went un-met. I’m surprisingly fine with that. Despite mostly having been handing the — well, the whole lot of everything going on out there — pretty well, there’s also been a lot of stress both big and small, and whatever is getting me through is going to be good enough for me for now.

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