No Man’s Sky – Screenshot Sunday

In the past week, I’ve spent 40 hours with No Man’s Sky, and yet, I still don’t even feel like I’ve scratched the surface. I’ve managed a small base that doesn’t look like it was assembled with Lincoln Logs, and have poked my way through the multiple quest lines.

But really, what I’ve been spending a lot of time on (other that just general exploration to see what the heck is over that next ridge) is doing missions from the space stations – specifically the ones that want me to scan things (because I’m going to do that anyway), and those that request photos.

I freaking love photo missions – not least of all because it reminds me to take pictures of all the really cool places I’m finding.

I think that, once I get myself situated with a nice spaceship, and all the convenience upgrades, I’m going to load myself up with all the things I need to survive in space, and just do exploration-type missions. That will be my end game.

One thought on “No Man’s Sky – Screenshot Sunday

  1. You reminded me I should fire this up, it’s been a while. Ended up playing for a few hours and really didn’t want to stop. Looks glorious on Xbox One X and performs well compared to my PC.

    Highlight was running completely out of life support fuel and frantically using the terrain manipulation tool to dig a huge tunnel through a cliff to get to the necessary crafting resources. So close to death! Looking forward to trying some of the stuff that’s been added since I last played, such as the mechs.


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