Quick Look – No Man’s Sky

I have a very mixed relationship with sandbox games in general – I love the idea of just going off and doing my own thing (and I frequently do in other types of open world games), but I am also likely to get bored or frustrated with too little direction. For me, the ideal is to have Things I Am Supposed To Do with no penalty for just not doing them.

So when No Man’s Sky came to XBox Game Pass on PC, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to satiate my curiosity. I really expected to bounce off of it in 30 minutes or less. What ended up happening was that I played for two straight hours, and decided that it was something I definitely would play.

Obviously, it wasn’t a game I played back when everyone hated it, and I since I had mostly talked myself into not liking it, I didn’t follow the updates too closely. There is more tutorial here than I was expecting – every time I think “This is it, I’m going to be on my own now.” the game teaches me about something else. Even better, there’s a thin thread of story behind everything you do, so it doesn’t feel like an endless tutorial, and at any point, you can just wander off and do whatever thing you might be interested in.

So far, I’m really enjoying just scanning random things on whatever planet I end up on. I’m not as into the constant need to manage my ridiculously limited personal inventory and flying my spaceship, but with more play time, one is getting easier while the other is getting more annoying. There is a full on creative mode I haven’t tried out yet, but I’m unsure if that will actually do what I want it to anyway.

Minor irritations aside, I find myself looking forward to each new story beat, and each new planet. Although I’ve had to deal with a couple of combat scenarios, so far there hasn’t been anything I couldn’t handle (even if I did handle some of it by going really fast in another direction). I can see spending hundreds of hours just seeing what’s around the next corner, uploading data on everything I come across, and steadfastly avoiding any multiplayer components.

3 thoughts on “Quick Look – No Man’s Sky

  1. You know, I still don’t understand where the money is coming from for the continual updates to the game that they’re doing — but I’m super appreciative of them. NMS has come so far since it’s launch, and if the updates continue provide an a really exciting prospect for the future.

    Surely at some point, a NMS 2 or some other form of customer monetisation is going to be necessary — but at this point, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit annoyed. πŸ™‚

    Glad you’re enjoying it, in any case! I was wondering what your thoughts might be since reading your sales post.

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  2. I wanted to live in this game when it was released. Alas on PC the performance was dire. Instead I found myself pouring 500 hours into Fallout 4. I’ve tried to get back into NMS twice, but not for a while.

    If it weren’t for the backlog beckoning, I’d probably try again, but that ship feels like it set sail without me.

    Game Pass though… Is it Xbox One X Enhanced? 4K could convince me πŸ˜†


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