Releases Massive Fundraising Bundle

It probably isn’t news to you that I’m a huge fan of, and the opportunities afforded independent game developers by it. Sure, it’s a little clunky, a little rough around the edges, but just the fact that this type of platform exists and is supported makes it beautiful.

And when and independent developers decide to raise some money, they don’t kid around.

The bundle launched with over 740 products included – mostly video games, but also some development assets, books, comics, and tabletop RPG modules, but contributions to the bundle are still pouring in from developers who want to add their offerings to this fantastic deal.

Although there’s a lot of stuff on offer here that’s out of my wheelhouse, on my first pass, I added almost 40 of the items on offer to my library. I still have access to the entirety of the bundle (including new items as they are added), but due to the sheer size of this bundle, you have to manually add items to your library – a decision made by the organizers to prevent massive amounts of library clog.

Also included in the bundle were a handful of games I already own on Steam, like Cook, Serve, Delicious 2, OneShot, Oxenfree, and Verdant Skies, any of which I would recommend without reservation for the price of the entire bundle.

If you’ve never used, this is the perfect time to set up an account and start loading it up with great indie games. Although they do offer their own launcher, all the games are able to be downloaded, free of DRM, and installed individually.

7 thoughts on “ Releases Massive Fundraising Bundle

    1. Absolutely! I decided to double my donation to $10 (which still, is nothing really), and it boggles how much is there for the price – and they’re still adding more to the bundle!

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  1. Oh my. Thanks for the heads up. I use mostly to collect indie tabletop RPGs, and I see plenty of good stuff in this bundle too. Blades in the Dark, which I unfortunately already have, is excellent and worth the price of entry on its own. Ex Novo is something I’ve seen talked about and wanted to take a look at. Plus plenty more other rougher indie stuff that is worth a look when bundled.

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