Tackle Your Backlog with GamesGraph

I will admit, I am spoiled for choice with my gaming library, but that’s not always a good thing. I frequently spend more time poking around looking for something to play next than actually playing anything. So I’m always intrigued by sites that claim to be able to help me decide what to play.

Enter GamesGraph – you link your Steam account, set a couple of quick preferences, and it’ll point out games in your library you should consider playing next.

There are 6 questions that you can use to set your personal preferences. I tend to take reviews into consideration, but occasionally really enjoy games with awful reviews, so I set that just a bit above neutral. I care nothing for popularity or playing the newest thing, so I set those two really low. I nudged the slider for favorite genre loyalty down a notch, and favorite graphic styles all the way down, so my preference page looks like this.

Once I had GamesGraph linked to my (public) Steam profile, it imported all the games in my library directly to my backlog, as well as making note of my wishlist. Jumping to my backlog to take a look at its recommendations, this was my top ten.

Interesting, but other than setting my preferences, I hadn’t really given it much to work with, so these initial recommendations seem to be mostly reliant on reviews and popularity, and none of them have particularly high confidence scores. However, as soon as I rated the first game in my library that I had played in the past (in this case, Rimworld), my top 10 changed pretty significantly.

There are multiple ways to sort your backlog, and I found sorting by time played was the easiest way to find a good sized chunk of games I have played enough to feel comfortable rating. Your most played games will be shown at the top, and it doesn’t seem like a reverse sort is possible at this time, nor can you easily skip to later pages.

Rating a game is simple, but also, a little weird. If you have something in your library you don’t want to show, you can click on “Remove and Forget” and it’ll be like it was never there. However, if you want a game to continue to be eligible for recommendation, you need to check the box for “Will Replay” and you need to do that before choosing a rating. Once you click on one of the colored boxes to give a rating, the game immediately will jump to your library. You can go there and edit your rating (and at that point, select things like “Will Replay”), but if you know you’re likely to replay something, clicking that box before making a selection is simpler.

The more games I gave opinions on, the more information the algorithm had to draw on, and the better the confidence scores became.

GamesGraph is still in beta, and there are still a lot of things it doesn’t do. For example, you cannot rate games you own on other platforms, nor will it recommend them. If it could draw things you owned on other launchers, or even allow you to add them manually, I think it would be insanely useful, both for tracking owned titles and choosing what to dive into next.

They have, however, recently added the ability to allow the engine to recommend any free to play game on Steam, but that is turned off by default. You can also allow it to recommend games you indicated you would replay, as well as games on your wishlist, both of which are also off by default.

I am definitely planning to play around with GamesGraph some more – the more time I put into rating and marking off games I am unlikely to ever return to, the better results I expect I’ll get from it. If nothing else, it gives me something new to play around with when I can’t decide what to play.

4 thoughts on “Tackle Your Backlog with GamesGraph

  1. It’s fantastic to see other people aware of Games Graph! Great post.

    A while back I started playing a 3DS game, I believe it was Dragon Quest IX. Being a ‘if i can google it i can do it’ type coder; I set about writing a mobile phone app, got a list of all the quests from Wikipedia, listed them and put red boxes next to each one, and then you just tap the box to turn it green and it shows you’re progress i the game as a % bar etc. . Something in me likes Achievement Hunting, and lists of progress and such like when it comes to games.

    A few services have come and gone (unfortunately) that will take all platforms, all games, import the ones that it can, and let you manually enter the rest. Most of them have collapsed and not been updated since…but GamesGraph, I have hopes for and I’m super happy to a NerdGirlThoughts blog post on it!


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