Long Live the Queen! Turns 41-50

The Project Explained

Long Live the Queen is a collaborative Civilization VI base game play through and blogging project conceived of by Naithin at Time to Loot. We have 8 players, and each player is responsible for taking 10 turns and writing about our progress. I drew fifth in the randomly generated line-up, which leaves me to work on the grand empire of England for turns 41-50.

The Story So Far…

Turns 1 – 10: Naithin Gets Us Started

Turns 11-20: Rakuno Does Some Exploring

Turns 21-30: Paeroka Has an Eye Towards Expansion

Turns 31-40: Tessa founds Leeds

The first thing you have to know about me is that when I play Civilization, I play lazy – usually on the lowest difficulty, lots of exploring & automated movement, and since I’m almost always headed for a science, diplomacy or culture victory, I make just enough units to not get murdered while rushing research and making more cities than I can reasonably handle.

For this project, however, I’m trying to play somewhat more meticulously, and even still, ten turns goes by super fast.

However, if you are a lazy gamer, like I am, you might have the option to auto-end turns set to on. I usually pay very little attention to such things, and when I run out of things I can do, I’m fine with the game pushing me forward.

With having to end at a specific point, I had to turn this off. Oops. Thank goodness for autosaves.

The map state when I started playing.

I took a minute initially to panic over the barbarians in Leeds before I examined them more closely and discovered that they were actually warriors belonging to Carthage, which is decidedly less of a scary situation. Leeds is going to be working on that archer far longer than I’m going to be here, so I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope that slinger I have in the neighborhood is enough to keep the city safe while I focus on a few … side projects.

On turn 42, I am able to get us rolling with a Pantheon, and while there are many choices that probably maybe could be beneficial, I’m going to look a little more big picture. I choose to go with Religious Settlements, as there are a lot of appealing looking tiles just outside the borders of both of our cities, and expansion leads to population growth, and it’ll be no time at all before everyone is wearing our blue jeans and listening to our rock music, right?

Barbarians are starting to poke their heads up from the area just south of Leeds, so I send our slinger over to dissuade them. There are also barbarians coming up from the southwest of London that our lone scout almost walked into. I grab our newly created archer from London proper, and go to help out the scout. Considering how much coastline there is nearby, I decide to set London’s production to a galley, for some faster, safer exploration.

I think we’ve got a solid little empire going on, but then Gilgamesh pops up to throw some shade our way.

We are true friends with the smaller civilizations. We appreciate that you recognize this fact.

Gilgamesh, circa 2200 BC

While still trying to deal with barbarians (who aren’t much of a threat, but are kind of annoying), our Civic research finishes. I’m given the option to change our policies, but decide not to mess with things I don’t much understand at this juncture. However, it does fall on me to decide what to research next. After a few minutes of … um … having no idea what to pick, I finally went with Early Empires.

This civic will increase our production towards settlers, make purchasing tiles less expensive, and allow us to negotiate open borders with other civilizations, and fits in nicely with my expansionist tendencies.

On turn 47, my galley is ready to start exploring, and I start production of a builder. True confession: I don’t 100% get builders in this game – with the new “three build” restriction in this iteration of the game, my normal tactic of make them and set them to automate obviously isn’t going to be useful. While I’m glad I didn’t have to decide what to do in regards to builders this go around, I figure UnwiseOwl will probably make good use of one.

Another turn of exploring & beating up barbarians. Our slinger gets offered a promotion, and although I suspect our archers have made him mostly redundant, I take Volley (+5 ranged strength vs land units).

In turn 49, two things happen. First, we finish researching horseback riding, and yet again, I have to choose our next research. I go with mining, as it’s the last one we haven’t researched from that tier, and nothing else available feels so urgent as to skip over it entirely. We also meet our fourth (last?) companion civilization leader.

Pedro II of the Brazilians seems nice enough, but I tell him that I’m much too busy to chat right now.

My brief stint as the ruler of England was basically pretty chill, and I leave our empire the in the capable hands of UnwiseOwl. The save file is available to download here.

8 thoughts on “Long Live the Queen! Turns 41-50

  1. Some interesting developments here.

    I always have trouble deciding on which of those early pantheon effects to get but I think the border growth one was a good choice.

    Also, if you want to go for a Cultural Victory I am all onboard for it! 🙂

    What Gilgamesh said though makes me think his agenda is to protect the city states… So maybe trying to conquer Carthage may not be a good idea as Gilgamesh might then decide to start a war with us. But I might be misinterpreting what he said. Either way, as always it is up to the people playing to decide what to do.

    As for Pedro II…. He might become a diplomatic rival so we should be careful with him!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, look at you all knowing stuff.

      I’m pretty sure my 10 turns could have been summed up by the following statement: I wanted a boat so I made one.

      I really want to play through a game or two between now and when my next turns come around so maybe I won’t be so “Um, what does THIS do?” about everything.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Ah, sorry if my commentary is annoying. I tend to over analyze things and all my analyzes here are probably incorrect. Either way, it was a fun read and I am looking forward to your next turns on this game. 🙂


      2. I’ve been thinking of doing the same and play a few rounds to refresh myself on things, and find out if there are any major balance changes I should probably know about in the many seasonal updates that have happened since I last played, basically at launch. hehe

        I’m now starting to worry a bit we might be getting behind on science ‘income’, but we’ll see how it all goes!

        Really loving seeing how everyone chooses to use their reigns! 😀


      3. “I wanted a boat so I made one.”

        Leadership is all about having a firm vision and clearly communicating that to your followers! 😉


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