Pathfinder Part Two – Halfway There

I acknowledge it probably would have been smarter to work on both reputations concurrently, but Nazjatar has been seriously painful, and once I’d get through a day’s work there, my desire to do anything else was completely evaporated.

I definitely skipped some dailies and world quests, though. There’s a few places on the map I still haven’t figured out how to get to, despite the game having decided that I explored the whole zone. In fact, there’s still a regular old questline I didn’t finish. I did also manage to do a couple of emissary quests, which are worth a ridiculous amount of rep, over the six days.

All in all, not to shabby, but I most definitely have no intention of returning to Nazjatar until I’ve unlocked flying. I expect Rustbolt will take a few more days, but I still anticipating being done about halfway through my month long subscription.

3 thoughts on “Pathfinder Part Two – Halfway There

  1. I felt exactly the same way about Nazjatar dailies. I got flying so late compared to all my guildies, but I just couldn’t deal with going out to do the dang Rustbold dailies after Nazjatar.

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    1. I’m nominally working on this too — but even the limited duration rep buff isn’t enough to raise my prioritisation of efforts against it yet.

      Weekends I tend to make a fair leap of progress, during the work week fairly ‘bleh’ generally, so the thought of dailies just doesn’t in the slightest appeal.


      1. This is pretty much THE THING I resubbed for, but I’m mildly optimistic I might be able to farm up for a replacement token and start work on the bee mount. I might be for real back, but only if I can be self-sustaining which is iffy this close to the end of the expat.

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