From Five, Choose One

On the heels of writing about my five favorite game franchises, I had an idea. I asked for recommendations for one game from one of the favorite series of other gamers here, and then I brought it to Twitter, where I got several more recommendations. The only major caveat was that it had to be playable on PC without emulation.

Only one game series was recommended twice: the Mass Effect games.

Out of those thirteen games, I have only played one in any meaningful way (Dragon Age: Origins), and it was during one of my previous blog projects.

Also out of thirteen, there are only four I don’t currently own on any platform (Warlock 2, Yakuza 0, Ys Oath in Felghana, and Secret of Mana).

I’m still not sure exactly what sort of project I was collecting this list for, but I also thought it was interesting in it’s own right. I am not done with the recommendations at any rate – I’d like to collect up the rest of the ones I’m missing as the opportunity presents itself, and hopefully spend some quality time with these games that other people love in the future.

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