So Very Far Behind – Working on Patch 8.2 in World of Warcraft

I reactiaved my World of Warcraft subscription this morning, with the intent of just dabbling around with some world quests to finish off the first part of Pathfinder before having to go check out the new (to me) zones of Nazjatar and Mechagon. But instead, I was greeted by a pleasant surprise.

While it’s a bit taken off my plate to realize I was done with the early Battle for Azeroth reps, it meant there was no easing myself back into it. I went straight to Nazjatar, because even with double rep, this is going to be a lot to get done in a few weeks.

Notice the complete lack of Rustbolt Resistance on my reputation tab? That’s because I haven’t even been there yet!

I did open up Nazjatar trying to get geared up for an emergency anniversary mount run a few months ago, but here’s the thing. Even though questing in Nazjatar drops gear roughly equivalent to what I’m wearing, I’m feeling really out of my depth here. This morning, I mostly ran around picking up flight paths, doing the few world quests I stumbled into, and feeling very overwhelmed. I got a couple of dailies done, but I was starting to feel as if I was spending more time healing myself than anything else. Those mobs hit hard, and I’m still waiting for my muscle memory to get warmed up again.

Hopefully, it’ll come back to me sooner rather than later, and I won’t squander my token and a month’s worth of Impressive Influence chasing battle pets or conveniently forgetting to log in.

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