Quick Look – Saints Row IV

This was a nice switch – instead of days of trying to figure out what to play next after finishing up a game, I jumped right into Saints Row IV and it seemed to be just the right choice. I’ve managed to put about 10 hours into it in just a couple of days.

Here’s the thing – I’d be lying if I said it was a fantastic game. It’s maybe too wacky, and I’m saying that as someone who really enjoyed the third game in the series. I’m not sure an already absurd mayhem simulator series needed aliens and super powers.

The leader of the Saints is back – and she (or he, depending on how you create your character) is the President of the USA. And then the aliens show up. And it doesn’t make a whole lot more sense after that.

The majority of the game takes place in a simulation of Steelport, and the whole map is peppered with random activities, many of which are more enjoyable than going through the main quest line. That said, if a game is working for me, I try to not to over analyze how it’s doing it.

I’m currently just shy of 40% completion, and I have no delusions of coming close to 100%, and a quick glance at achievement stats tell me I’m far from alone here. Although 90% of Steam users complete the first main story mission, that number plummets to just shy of 25% for the last story mission.

It’s an interesting diversion, but nothing that will stay with me once I’ve played my fill and uninstalled it. And that’s not entirely a bad thing.

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