Getting Over The Hump

You might think that with everything that’s going on, I’d be way ahead on my gaming goals, or at the very least, deep diving into my library to pluck out some long forgotten gems.

You would be very very wrong.

Each day has been a cycle of loading up a game, playing it briefly, and walking away irritated. After several days of this, I have come to the conclusion that it is not the games, but something going on with me that’s making pretty much everything not feel fun.

It might be a bit soon to say for sure, but I think I might be pushing past it.

Last night, I installed Majesty 2, and played a few scenarios. I’d poked at it a bit in the past, but never managed to adjust my strategies from the first game enough to get through the tutorial levels.

This time, however, I managed to make the leap, and in doing so, hurdled myself over the hump of nothing being enjoyable. I wouldn’t have guessed that a mediocre sequel that came out in 2009 would be the game that did it, but sometimes, you have to just go with whatever works.

2 thoughts on “Getting Over The Hump

  1. Here’s to hoping this, or something you can find, continues to help breaking through it. I missed the Majesty series entirely when it came out, but will be curious to hear how you get on with it if you continue to play.

    I realised a while ago that I (somehow, for some reason) own Majesty 2 Gold edition or somesuch, but figured it would be hard to go to a game that old without the power of having played it in its prime.


    1. Eh, I don’t know that I’d recommend it. Majesty 2 definitely lacks some of the originality and charm of what made the first game amazing, and – so far – it seems to be totally reliant on building and recruiting as fast as possible and then crossing your fingers you don’t get overwhelmed.

      That said, one of the expacs is supposed to let you play as the monsters, so that might be interesting?

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