A Change of Direction – #CapcoMonth

For the second time in only four months, the game I originally picked for the Community Game Along turned out to not be the right game for me. I’m kind of bummed about this one, because Remember Me looked so very very good.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely some good stuff here. The concept of being able to extract memories, and even to alter them, is intriguing. During my couple hours of play time, I kept going back and forth between “This is so cool.” and “Ugh, this is really irritating.”

I think if I had loved everything about it except the movement, I would have tried to dig out my controller and play that way, but I also found the combat to be pretty awful. You set up combos, but how to make the combos work wasn’t really clear, and I ended up turning the difficulty down to the easiest level after the first major fight.

I’ve played many other clumsy console ports over the years, and I’ve certainly put many hours into older games – I’m not sure why Remember Me rubbed me the wrong way as much as it did.

Still, the month is young, and it’s far from the only Capcom game in my library. I briefly considered replaying Dead Rising 2 or starting up Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (which is basically the same game with a different protagonist), but decided instead to play something new instead. So I went to Twitter with a poll:

So, the next game I will be trying out for #CapcoMonth is DMC: Devil May Cry, a game from the same era as Remember Me, but hopefully with far fewer annoyances.

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