#MaybeInMarch – Portal

Obviously, I procrastinated. And, I haven’t finished it, so I still am lacking that gamer cred. But at least now I can say “Oh yeah, I’ve played Portal.” right?

No spoilers here – although if you’ve somehow both never played Portal and have managed to avoid spoilers, kudos to you. I played for just short of an hour, so even though part of me is feeling super clever for clearing 14 tests in that time, part of me knows that there is still way more game in front of me than behind me.

Here’s the thing – I just don’t have the brainpower for these kind of puzzles (especially since spatial relations aren’t my strongest suit to begin with). I started to get frustrated when I could clearly see how everything worked, but I kept missing (really really easy) jumps. Finally moving through that test to one I couldn’t figure out told me that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t the game for the moment.

Which is okay, really.

I’m glad I gave it a whirl, and I definitely plan to revisit it on a day I’m in the mood to just figure things out.

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