Warframe – The Game We Didn’t Know We Needed

As far as video games are concerned, I’m almost scandalously open minded. There isn’t a genre I haven’t or wouldn’t try. Mobile games are games. Idle games are games. If you think it might be a game, I’m probably going to agree with you and ask if I can play it.

My husband, however, really only likes a narrow slice of the bigger gaming pie. Co-operative multiplayer is an absolute must-have, although he is less concerned whether the main focus is PvE or PvP. He is happiest when there’s a need for some base skill level, but the biggest determination of player performance comes from knowledge and research. He’ll tolerate a grind, as long the majority of the grinding is “fun”.

Over the years, we’ve tried almost every major MMORPG that we’ve come across, and although some stuck for a considerable amount of time for him, finding a game that will actually hold his interest for the long term has been quite the challenge.

It’s been awhile since we’d had anything we wanted to play together. He spent some time with WoW Classic, while I played ESO for awhile. Other than a rushed set of raid finders to get a mount just under the wire during the recently World of Warcraft Anniversary event, we probably hadn’t gamed together in six months or more.

Still, I’d been even before the talk of COVID-19 and self-isolation, I had been checking out different games, hoping to find something that would draw him in. Given my own self-imposed purchase restrictions, that basically meant poking at any free-to-play game that had passable to good reviews.

At least for the time being, the game we settled on is Warframe.

In the past 10 days, I have put about 50 hours into the game, but I almost didn’t make it past the first play session. When you’re just starting out, it feels like the game is unnecessarily obtuse. If you’re unwilling to do any research outside of the game (or have a friend teach you the finer points), Warframe probably isn’t for you.

That said, it is ridiculously fun. I’ve really been enjoying games that do interesting things with movement lately, and the movement in Warframe feels fantastic. Shooting stuff is fun, melee is quite possibly even MORE fun, and missions are a reasonable length. If you just want to run a mission or two to blow off some steam, you can easily have a 20-30 minute play session, but there’s plenty to do to keep you online all night.

Despite having released seven years ago, this game had barely even hit my radar. I’d heard of it from other gaming friends, but I never thought it would be anything I’d play, but now it’s something I could see myself playing faithfully for a bit, and then going back to at some indeterminate future point.

But the best part is that I’ve found something my husband and I can enjoy playing together, and we have a couple of other friends who just started playing again as well, so it’s keeping us in touch with them during this time of social isolation protocols. It turned out to be just the game we needed right now.

One thought on “Warframe – The Game We Didn’t Know We Needed

  1. I’ve been back to Warframe too recently. It’s an outstanding game for sure.

    Yesterday I finished building my very first Prime Frame, Mesa. Feels great, especially as I’d thought I was still a ways off achieving that.

    I really love the diversity the game offers, despite the basic gameplay loop being always the same. It reminds me a lot of Path of Exile in that regard.


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