Changing Direction for #platformonth

I was under the mistaken impression that I could play Ori and the Blind Forest on easy and it would be … well, easy.

Instead, I played it for several days in 10 minute increments, and quite honestly, didn’t get very far. Having been a PC gamer from a pretty young age, I never really worked on my platforming chops as a kid, and now that I’m over 40 and my reaction times aren’t what they once were, it’s really challenging to get to a place where most platforming games, even on easy, are something I can tackle without getting frustrated.

I have to believe this isn’t how MOST folks play.

Instead, I decided to redirect my efforts. Although I’d still like to participate in #platformonth with the Community Game-A-Long, I’d like something that I have a chance of completing before the month is out. So I dug through my Steam library and came up with another option.

Not only is Type:Rider totally my aesthetic, it’s also gloriously simple. Maybe too simple, because it gets reviews like this one.

A very simplistic platformer, with not much going for it. The only "challenge" to it is the controls, as the character follows inertiamore than player input.
A very simplistic platformer, with not much going for it. Sign. Me. Up.

But it’s lovely. And easy. And short. I will ride the inertia and gape at the stunning visuals, and any letters I miss on the way by will stay missed. I’m very okay with that.

3 thoughts on “Changing Direction for #platformonth

  1. Ori is certainly difficult in parts. Trying to get through the tree that floods had me rage quit it more than once. Put it down for quite a while, actually, then one day on a whim came back and it just clicked. But then I have found that on occasion. When practice is getting nowhere and achieving nothing but more anger — then coming back later, perhaps counterintuitively to an extent, can be really beneficial.

    For reference… THIS blasted bit. lol


    1. I agree that there’s definitely a range from “I can’t do this.” to “I can’t do this right now.”

      I may or may not go back to it; I wasn’t really captivated by the game the way I thought I would be. I was playing it through XBox game pass, so nothing even really invested except a few hours of my time.

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