In Review – December 2019

There isn’t a Nope List this month, because I played so little overall, and there was nothing I walked away from due to anything but lack of time and other shiny things calling to me.

What I Played This Month

My Time at Portia: A carry-over from last month, but I played a LOT more this month. This is a game I would have really loved to have finished, but here’s the thing – the crashes killed it for me. Although it doesn’t seem to be a very common problem, I had random crashes to the point where I’d have to do some days five or six times before I’d make it through to a save. I was forever tweaking graphical settings, and I finally just gave up, shortly after flipping over into year two.

Cosmic Express: I wanted to try out a new (to me) puzzle game for the December Community Game-Along (#PuzzleGameMonth). I played about a dozen levels over a couple of days. I did like it, but it’s something I feel like I can step away from for awhile without having to start over.

Pirate Mosaic Puzzle – Carribean Treasures: Mosiac puzzles are probably my favorite type of bite-size gaming, and sadly, I’ve blown through almost all of what I have managed to find on Steam. This one is solid, and despite having very little time for gaming, I zoomed through it.

Peace, Death: This one is probably better suited for play on mobile (or at least on touch screen), but it’s a fun little game where you decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, based on an ever-increasing list of things you need to keep an eye out for. It’s not super long, but I feel like it’s something I’ll go back and do a run of from time to time.

Master of Pottery: Not an exciting game, but more of a toy. It’s pretty to play with when I’m burned out on everything and just want to unwind.

Sunset Overdrive: Why oh why can’t I quit you?!? I’ve more than finished the game on XBox Game Pass for PC, and now I’m replaying it on Steam. At least this time, I’ll have those sweet sweet nerd points to show for it.

Hero of the Kingdom: A cute little hidden object quest-a-thon. The story is nothing to write home about, but it’s a relaxing game which takes less than three hours to blow through beginning to end. Not my first time playing, but my first time completing it.

Steam Winter Sale Purchases and Gifts Received

If I had given myself an actual budget for this winter sales period, I would be so very far over it. However, my gift purchasing came in under the $50 I allot myself, and my person purchases on Steam proper did as well.

So what did I buy?

Crest: The Indirect God Sim – $2.99

The reviews may not be stellar, but actual indirect control god games are hard to come by, and I’d rather spend $3 than drop than $22 to pick up Godhood, which I still expect to drop or be bundled in time. Kind of an impulse purchase, but it’s been on my wishlist for a long time, and it was at an all-time low.

Peace, Death + Hand of F DLC – $2.38

Somehow, I have it in my head that this will be sort of like Papers, Please, but less depressing, despite the fact you’re playing as a grim reaper. A low investment pick-up, to be sure.

Varenje: Full Game DLC – $1.44

I probably should have tried out the free episode first, but for under $2, I’m down to test drive the full game. The art looks fantastic, and even a mediocre hidden object puzzler is usually worth a few hours of entertainment.

The Atomic Breath Pack – $2.00

Three little time-wasters – one focused on destruction, one on parkour, and an arcade shooter. Nothing super exciting, but a cool little package I hadn’t noticed before and grabbed on a whim.

Lost Dimension – $7.49

One part tactical RPG, one part find-the-traitor, this really sounds like it’ll be something I’ll be able to put some serious hours into.

Lobotomy Corporation – $11.74 after $5 coupon.

This one hadn’t quite hit the price I was hoping for – until I took into account the $5 coupon I earned (primarily from buying gifts for others). I’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile, and again, I expect it to be the kind of challenge I soak many hours into.

Re:Legend – $13.29 after coupon on Fanatical

The difference in price cut between Steam and Fanatical was too much to ignore, and even though this one also didn’t QUITE hit my target price, I decided to go for it. I didn’t want to wait another whole year to get a shot at this life sim with a side of Pokemon.

Total Spent – $41.33

& then, my friends came through with a few titles that I was still too … ahem … frugal to pick up myself just yet. I’m super excited for all three!

In the end, I picked up almost everything I planned to, and I have SO MANY very lovely games waiting for me to set aside some time for them. I hope your holidays (and Winter Sale season) treated you as well as they have treated me.

Impulse Purchases and a Last Hurrah

My plan for a low-spend 2020 is weighing on me. A year without buying anything new suddenly seems SO VERY LONG INDEED.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve picked up a handful of things, some of which were planned purchases, and others that really really weren’t.

I did finally pick up The Witcher 3 GOTY during Black Friday sales, and I grabbed a copy of Sunset Overdrive for my library when a physical copy was available on Amazon for around $10. So far, so good.

However, in the last week, I’ve also picked up a handful of things that caught my eye that weren’t anything I had been looking to closely at before catching a good sale. Anthem was only $6 on Amazon – it’s a physical copy and I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m going to hold onto it in case the big changes that are rumored actually make an appearance. I grabbed FTL and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine on a Humble Store sale, and Rocwood Academy and Master of Pottery were an impulse purchase on Steam, but all in all, I dropped less than $20 on the whole batch.

And then today, put the Plantinum collection of Civilization VI on sale for under $30, so I scooped that up, and then I grabbed Autonauts on Nuuvem for $5. Somehow, I’ve managed to spend about $50 before even looking at the Steam sale, which is supposed to be my last spending hurrah until 2021.

Which is, I guess, both good and bad news, because the Steam sale isn’t really blowing my skirt up this go around. I’m not saying there aren’t any good deals, but none of them are ah-mazing. Originally, I had planned on picking up a couple of bigger titles, and now, the more I look, the more likely it seems that I’ll grab a couple of smaller ones (Crest is looking particularly appealing at the moment) or skip buying on Steam altogether this time around.

I also plan to keep any eye on Epic’s daily freebies, and take a closer look at some of the bundles Fanatical is dropping as part of their winter sale. There are some really fantastic deals out there – but I am already finding myself saying “But you don’t need that!”

Less than two weeks before I have to depend on Twitch Prime, Humble Choice, and sheer will power for a whole year.

Nerd Girl Goals – December 2019

I always feel like the winter holidays are such a polarizing time for people. Some people love this season – they go nuts with the decorations and send out a million cards and organize cheerful get-togethers. Others, like me, just go into survival mode until it’s all over.

We’ve just had our first major snowstorm of the year here, and there’s more anticipated for tonight, and I’ll be honest – the last thing I feel like doing right now is setting any kind of goals for myself. Solitary leisure time is going to be scarce, and I expect that most days, brainless entertainment is going to look mighty good to me.

So I’ve decided to pass on having Nerd Girl goals this month. I’m sure I’ll still find things to write about, but I’m going to just take the month “off”, so to speak, and make sure I’m prepared going into my 2020 goals.