In Review – November 2019

For the most part, November was a month of dabbling in some lovely stuff, but rarely finding myself tremendously invested in any of it.

What I Played This Month

Aurora Hex: Pattern Puzzles – A fun little puzzler which is great for nibbling on between more meaty entries.

Sunset Overdrive – I downloaded it on a whim, and I got a good 20 or so hours out of it before I wandered off to do other things.

Happy Color – We upgraded our phones at the beginning of the month, which meant actually getting to download new apps for the first time in a long time – for reference, I couldn’t update the OS on my old phone because it had so little memory. Happy Color was a huge hit with both me and my husband – a very chill, almost meditative experience. There’s so many pictures to work on, I didn’t even hesitate to spend the $5 asking price to get rid of all those pesky ads.

Onirim – Solitaire Card Game: A surprisingly difficult solitaire game that’s (almost) completely free on Steam. Although there are a couple of paid expansions, I don’t see myself spending an extensive amount of time with it – and if I do, $1 per expac is cheap enough.

West of Loathing: I really just wanted to take a peek while I had access to this one XBox Game Pass for PC. Surprisingly, I played for about 8 hours before the repetitiveness got to me.

Guild Wars 2: It was barely a dabble – maybe an hour, but it was enough to make me want to go back and play some more. I have completely forgotten everything I once knew.

My Time at Portia: When this showed up as one of the December Humble Monthly early unlocks, I remembered I already had it, and wanted to check it out. I’d say I was loving it if it weren’t for a bunch of random crashes making me replay days. Still, it’s enjoyable enough that I’m dealing with it.

An impulsive decision to subscribe to Disney+ meant a lot of time I would have normally spent gaming or watching other things was taken up instead by some Disney animated movies from the vault. We did also finish watching the first season of The Boys, and watched some of American Horror Story: Hotel.

I also finished up the first volume of The Boys (graphic novel), but I didn’t make much progress on the rest of my reading interests this month.

Finally, I got all of my 10 games to tackle in 2020 installed and put into their own little category in my Steam library.

Finding time to actually blog this month was far more challenging than I expected, and I chalk that up in part to how little time I actually spent at my computer.

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